Sunday, December 3, 2017

A Special Holiday Message

A Special Holiday Message

Monday, November 6, 2017

How To Survive Today and Be Spiritually Healed

How To Survive Today and Be SpirituaSo much commotion is plastered on the news

Their really is a reason
It’s not about anything that will help you feel amused
So please do not fall into the fear
This is how the powers that be
Control you, dear
We are only energy and light
Here to spread love and joy
We have the ability to have what we want
But not by these ploys
You must keep your vibration high
By being positive all day and night
But if you fall into fear
This keeps you from manifesting what you want and need
Watch the children play
Watch how they love, dream, and are magical in every way
Learn from them
Be a child
This is how to wake up and survive
This is how your whole life will change
By being grateful, being positive, and loving yourself
In every single way
When you’re encased in fears
All you feel is negative and blue
But when you reconnect to a child’s view
Life will amaze you!
Then you will see how to be happy and free
As you manifest all your wants and all your needs
All your problems disappear
Away for good
Into the atmosphere
Changing your thoughts, changes your life
It’s the ONLY way to release all your strife!
It’s the ONLY way to survive!!!!lly Healed

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