Monday, August 17, 2009



There seems to be discord in the if everyone is experiencing a lot of turmoil!

Mass confusion, fear, uncertainty is flooding the universe. If this description fits you, then you were meant to read my blog today!


Ride the wave or drown in's your choice.

To help aid you in this process I have added some affirmations. Please read them right now to clear away this negative energy so it will connect you to the positive energy that is also currently in the air.

I AM <> and I AM now opening the windows of perception, the doors to my soul. I remember all I need to know about why I am here, and how best to manifest my gifts.

I AM <> and I confidently and gracefully discontinue all behaviors not aligned with my soul's purpose and eternal truth. Whenever I disengage with non-truth, my life blossoms in ever greater joy and inner peace

I AM <> and I AM in harmony with all choices in my life, now and forever. I accept that I make all choices for my own empowerment.

I AM <> and I AM humbled by the greatness of my being, for I finally understand that I AM truly one with God. I surrender easily now to God. and the divine plan in my life. As I surrender I open to any adjustment required to strengthen or redirect my LIFE. I also open to an in pouring of love from God. I feel love, I breathe love, and I AM love. I joyfully LET GO AND LET GOD.

I AM <> and I AM in movement now. Movement in my physical body as health. Movement in my career, and movement in my emotions towards harmony. I use Movement consciously to expand into my full divine nature.

May peace be with you.

Maxine Whitfield
Spiritual Adviser

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