Thursday, August 20, 2009

Girls, What Have You Done?

I recently got back into the dating game and can’t believe how much it has changed. Everyone is confused and miserable and I’m sorry to say it’s the fault of the women. Women have become too easy for men and have ruined it for everyone else.

What’s up girls? I’ve heard they want to be like men? Why, when the women were always in control as long as they were smart about it? The problem now is that it is hard all across the nation for anyone to find love because everyone is so confused.

I have analyzed this situation and interviewed both men and woman and have come up with a solution. Forget all the relationship books on how to keep him, make him love you, win him or her over. Who wants to be with anyone you have to control or manipulate just to have them be with you?

First and foremost you attract what you lack and believe about relationships. You also attract people to you of where your mind is at. For instance, you might say you want a committed relationship but really don’t. You will know if you are not ready to commit if you always attract unavailable people. That is a sure sign you are not ready to make a commitment. An unavailable person is one who is married, separated, or lives out of town.

Secondly, if you had a relationship that didn’t work out then you have to let that go too. Always step back and say, “thank you God for bringing (x) into my life and teaching me so and so. Then bless them and most importantly forgive them and yourself and move on. If you hold onto anger then you are keeping yourself in pain. It is imperative to forgive, forget, and let it go. That releases the pain and fear and opens you up to a new love.

I even had a male friend beg me not to write this because he didn’t want me to ruin it for the men. Let’s get respect back from our men. Men have it way too easy because you have all decided to become easy. Think about it girls, we love the chase…it’s more orgasmic than an orgasm. I have talked to so many men who say they don’t even have to call or ask a woman out anymore. They said the roles are reversed. Sorry girls but even though you act like you want to be like a man, you know you wish you had more.

Don’t you want respect? Don’t you want to be cherished? Don’t you want to be loved? How can a man do any of that when you hand yourselves over to them on a silver platter? It’s okay for a woman to want sex without a commitment but seriously, it has become more than that. Woman are chasing men and giving them whatever they want even when they don’t ask. Is that what you really want? I think not.

There are men who want love just as much as women. So women have ruined it for both sexes. Let’s get back to reality. We are all searching for love.

Maxine Whitfield
Spiritual Coach

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