Sunday, August 9, 2009


Sink or swim, that is the question. Follow the old train of thought or open your mind for new ways to handle current life ways to think, to feel, to follow, to be guided.

It's not about worrying, "what should I do, what can I do, what can I do to change my life? If you gave those questions any thought, what are you really saying to yourself? You are saying that YOU need to be in control, that it is up to you.

Now is the time to relinquish your ego and your need to control your outcomes. You can see what is happening right in front of you and nothing is getting better? Why??? Because you are trying to CONTROL the are still trying to fight it.

Do you want to feel peace, tranquility, and rid yourself of fear? It's fear that gets you into trouble.....fear that closes your mind to my words. "I can't, what should I do, how will I survive, how will I take care of my family, how will I survive and make it.?"

It's not easy but necessary to release your ego and give up control. It's not easy only because it's how you have gone through your whole life.

It will take time to adjust. Take small baby steps and when you find yourself worrying or trying to MAKE something happen, stop. Follow the "Now.".....say to yourself over and over, I'm in the now, till the fear dissipates from you.

Trust in yourself, trust in God that HE will take care of you. Write a letter to God telling him what you want in your life then visualize handing the letter over to him..."here God, I am giving you my worries, concerns, whatever you wrote." Then release the fears......"let it go, Let God."

Trust and it will be okay, I promise.

In the final analysis, the hope of every person is simply peace of mind.
Dalai Lama

Maxine Whitfield
Spiritual Coach
Empowering thoughts, change your life

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