Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Everyone has their own answers to their own questions. We all struggle in our lives to figure out what is the best way to accomplish this or that........whether it is a question of your relationship, your job, where to live, what to buy, vacation, an answer on a test, have all those answers inside of yourself.
You might say, "oh, no, not me........only certain people are able to do that!" Well today is about how to accomplish this task for yourself!!!! It's all about awareness. Being aware of what you are capable of. Trust me, everyone not only can do it but have done it a million times already. You just didn't know it.
Think back to a time when possibly you needed an answer to one of your questions. Then a thought from nowhere appeared but you just brushed it aside. The still small voice in your head. Those are the thoughts that need to be followed. When you start second guessing yourself then you become "human"..... the part of you that came and told you other ideas and then confusion set in.........Stop the confusion.....always go with the very first thought you have. That is your intuition. Guidance in it's purest form.
Those are pure thoughts from love. Those are the real answers to any of your questions. It doesn't even need to be practiced....but what it really takes is awareness....a new way to approach life......being aware is very powerful.
All you have to do is try it.........test doesn't cost you a thing. It doesn't take any of your time. So simple, so easy. When you start following your first thoughts a new door opens for yourself. The more you follow it the more information you will recieve. It's all about trusting in yourself. Ask and you shall receive.......the time is now!
Empowering thoughts, change your life.
Maxine Whitfield
Spiritual Coach
We are all spirit. We came from spirit, we are spirit, and we will go back to spirit.

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