Thursday, August 27, 2009

Time For Change

Remember why everyone was for Barrack Obama? It was to change the way things have been done. Now everyone is listening to the news...and going against what they wanted in the first place. Powerful people are influencing you and you are following because of fear....that's it...simple.....fear.

It is definately time for change....not only world change but self change. It is imperative that we go about our business in a completely different way.

When decisions were made it was done through power and control on a worldly basis. That thought filtered out to the masses and the PEOPLE go about their business in the same fashion. To break this down, it's I should do this because I make this much.......I should do this because it makes sense.........I should do it that way because it's how it is........Sorry.......but that way of thinking does not work any more.

There are many hidden resources for the world...hidden by so many because of lack of awareness. What worked before only backfires in your face today. Become aware!!!!

First, please tap into your intuition and ask, "Does this work for ME?" What is my best route to take for's not about doing what everyone else thinks is's what's right for yourself..That is not being selfish. It's about being true to oneself. Everything comes from self so yourself must be balanced and whole in order for everything else in your life to work. Are you getting this?? Do you understand my message?

When you have any type of challenge in your life NOW step your mind.....step out of your box......observe what's right before you......listen to your inner voice cause it will never deceive is not trying to GET anything from you.....IT is only helping you selflessly. There are no hidden agendas.

We are all special and deserving of only the good but we have to first be aware that is true and then learn how to receive pure information....meaning not being influenced by anyone else...Pure information comes to you when you are open to receive......

There are still so many people with hidden many people full of fear...afraid to would never deceive yourself if you followed life this way. Let go of control.....let go of past ideas which don't work anymore......LET GO, LET GOD, Stay in the Now!

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Maxine Whitfield
Spiritual Coach

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