Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Have you noticed how the killings and deaths in Afghanistan have escalated? Well this my friends is part of false prophecies. People are scrambling to get a sense of freedom for themselves and the country. Unconscious energies are being played out in the conscious world.
Hold tight to your belief systems. We all need to come together to change this course. Wars are not the answer! Life is not about an "eye for an eye" or "winning" as the politicians put it. What are we winning?
The ego is in control here and we all need to relinquish our egos. Those are the causes of all destruction within our world and within ourselves. If you fall into drama you get trapped into fear and then everything escalates in your world and the world around you.
Visualize joining hands across the world and chanting peace, love, and tranquility.
Trust in God, trust in yourself. Own your own power and life will soon move on a more even keel.
Remember war is created by greed, power, ego, money, and control!
Let's change our world, we can do this together.
Channeled by Divine Master Abdullah
Maxine Whitfield
Empowering Thoughts, Change Your Life

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