Tuesday, December 1, 2009


There is so much commotion going on about the end of the world. I personally see it as an end to destruction, power, ego, control, and greed.

It totally amazes me how so many people are in the "struggle" yet there are still so many organizations,businesses, and people that are taking advantage.

The world is definitely ending as we know it. We are all one consciousness and energy. We are NOT separate as some of us so much want to believe.

We are all family and race and religion are an illusion.

All we have to do is come together in consciousness. If everyone on earth would relinquish their ego and control issues and put their thoughts toward service of others and unconditional love, trust in a higher power, then the world would change in an instant.

Hollywood is using their insights to yet create more fear among the masses. There are prophecies of mass destruction that doesn't have to happen.

Yes, there will be changes and shifts on our planet. But change is already happening. The weather is caused by our pollution and dishonor of Mother Earth. The economy is about getting people to realize the world is NOT about money, greed, and control. The earth is cleansing itself.

Every one's consciousness has been raising. Have you not been more tired than usual? Do you have a feeling something is different but can't put your finger on it? Are you becoming more psychically aware of others? This is happening to each and everyone of us...just some are ignoring it.

Ask yourself this question...do i want to continue living in a world of war, destruction, greed, lies, broke, fearful, starving, and feeling helpless while watching big business control what you can and cannot have? Or do I want to live in a world of peace, equality, unconditional love where everyone is helpful, loving, kind, and balanced?

There will be a time where there will be no aging, illness, money, automobiles, or airplanes. What will be replaced is fresh air, water, ample food supply, love and peace. That was how the planet Earth was meant to be and that is what is coming.

We are only energy. Someday we will be able to create what we want and where we want to travel using our mind and vibrational rates. Think of it as the same as when you dream at night. Don't you travel from place to place? That is how it will be.

Heaven is coming to earth, earth will be like heaven......not to fear.....heaven is near.

Maxine Whitfield
Spiritual Coach
Empowering Thoughts, Change Your Life


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