Monday, January 25, 2010


The Golden Key is a metaphor......if you take this key and unlock your mind and open the door so to speak and step out of your old ways you will be stepping into the new world.

Forget about how life was because it no longer exists. It is gone for good.

Everyone is still trying to hold on to it even though they have been miserable in the process. You are all totally aware of how nothing is the same.....not like it let it go as hard as it seems it will be much easier if you unlock the door.

Forget the past.....forget the economy.....stop trying to create what is no longer available and wait for everything to go back to the way it no longer exists... It is gone and it is wonderful.

The New World has no boundaries, no right and wrong ways, no right job, no right's all about yourself....and accept the love of everyone else on this planet...look outside the veil and see their souls...


Follow your heart, put your golden key into the door and walk into your new world, your new reality. There is where your inner peace resides.

Change your thoughts, change your life.

Maxine Whitfield
Spiritual Coach
Empowering Thoughts, Change Your Life

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Today is a day of serenity and peace. So much commotion is in the Universe which needs to be silenced on an individual basis. Take heed to your thoughts. Follow them and only them. Be silent....ask your angels for still and listen.

They will only answer your questions if you ask them. Remember your angels are always waiting to assist you. Because of free will they will only answer your questions if you ask.

Enter the silence and listen.

Maxine Whitfield
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Time To Rest and Release

Starbornes abound in unity around the globe gathering more strength as a whole for their mission.

Spend time today seeking answers to your most pertinent questions. Take time for self reflection. Release your past hurts, pains and sorrows. Let it go so you will be ready for your life's journey as you will be catapulted into action at a moments notice.

Release the illusions of your life as our mission will not be accomplished without your releases.


Just breathe in deep breaths and let out all your pains and sorrows.. We as the Ambassadors of the Universe must be ready for the unfolding of the New Earth.....release, release, release

A prayer: Father Mother God of the universe, lets pray together in this fine day for peace, love, forgiveness, light, beauty, painlessness, and joy to be alive. We have sacrificed ourselves for this journey. Rejoice within your heart and souls as the new earth is ever so near. May God Bless you all.

The Great Star Nation

Maxine Whitfield (Solana Star)
Spiritual Coach
Empowering Thought, Change Your Life

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010



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Because our cultural story is based on illusions, it produces myths rather than an understanding of reality. Of the 10 illusions, the first 5 are physical - and the last 5 are metaphysical. The cultural story of humans is that: 1.God has an agenda (Need exists) 2.The outcome of life is in doubt (Failure exists) 3.We are separate from God (Disunity exists) 4.There is not enough (Insufficiency exists) 5.There is something we have to do (Requirement exists) 6.If we do not do it, we will be punished (Judgement exists) 7.The punishment is everlasting damnation (Condemnation exists) 8.Love is, therefore, conditional (Conditionally exists) 9.Knowing and meeting the conditions renders us superior (Superiority exists) 10.We do not know that these are illusions (Ignorance exists). These are 'make-believe' - illusions that attempt to 'fix the flaws', explain, and/or build upon each other as grander variations and distortions of our first mistake ... The Illusion of Need.

1. The Illusion of Need:

One needs something only if one requires a particular result. God-Life-The Universe needs nothing to occur except that which is occurring - not requiring a particular result - because they are the result. We need nothing to survive (everlasting) and happiness is not created as a result of certain conditions. Certain conditions are created as a result of happiness. This is true for every other state of Being - love, compassion, abundance, etc. These are states of mind in which needs are fiction. Beingness precedes experience, and produces it. Yet over time, human beings have built the Supreme Being in our likeness - with an agenda, need, judgement, etc. Know this: No-thing makes God unhappy.

2. The Illusion of Failure:

The idea that God's Will (assuming there is one) could not be done produced the illusion that God can fail (desire - but not get, wish - but not receive, need - but not have); or be thwarted. Again, projecting ourSelf upon our God. This illusion teaches that the outcome of life is in doubt - and is our first encounter with F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real).

3. The Illusion of Disunity:

Disunity produces the possibility of Failure, and Failure is only possible if Need exists. We have created cultural stories to explain them - like Adam and Eve, and the concept of the fallen angel - the cast away - the damned - the 'Devil'. Suddenly, there were 2 competing powers in Ultimate Reality (God & 'Satan') and 2 places from which they operated (Heaven & 'Hell'). This illusion, deeply embedded in our psyche, has the most impact on human affairs - creating separation between each other and God. Separateness produces greed, violence, jealousy, and other unwelcome behaviors and results. Yet more effort has been made to punish these behaviors than seek to change them. Society's problems can't be solved with the same energy that created them (to end violence and killing with violence and killing, to quell anger with anger, etc.) - doing so has, is, and will embody it.

4. The Illusion of Insufficiency:

Without Disunity, Insufficiency is insupportable. The nature of God is sufficient unto itself - All That Is. No human is separate from God, since God is Every-thing that is. The nature of humans, therefore are not, and cannot be, separate from each other. Forgetting this devise is an illusion no longer creates experience, it becomes experience - and has led to the idea there is 'not enough' (impossible in Ultimate Reality but not in imagination). Humans have confused dominion with domination. Forgetting we are eternal, unlimited, and one with all - we seek to subdue Life in order to have more abundant Life; afraid that there's not enough Life to go around. This F.E.A.R. produced the imagined reality of 'death' - a beginning and end to Being. Thus, the Survival Instinct formed based on the idea we might not survive. This belief in Insufficiency has led to conclusions that there is not enough Life (translated as death), not enough stuff in Life (translated as lack), not enough of That Which Created Life (translated as a limited God). Because these things seem limited - we destroy and kill ourselves competing for them. Moreover, brutally massive depression, repression, and suppression (producing self-destructive behaviors, fighting for resources, squabbling over God) result from the idea of Insufficiency within philosophy, theology, religion, government, etc.

5. The Illusion of Requirement:

The existence of Insufficiency (not enough) led humans to ask how to get enough and/or how to qualify for enough (God, happiness, security, love, etc). We have elevated doing to the highest place in our cosmology. Even our concept of God requires something that we have to do in order to be rewarded, accepted, and be in heaven. This has resulted in lists and sets of rules and regulations, guidelines and procedures, laws of God and laws of man - by which we imagine we must live. We viciously claim in God's name (One Nation, True Faith, Chosen People) - yet, achievement has become our 'God'. The struggle and question remains - How and by what measure, by what system, can we decide and determine if the Requirement has been met; or even worth it?

6. The Illusion of Judgment:

Our answer to what happens to those who have not met the Requirement produced our invention of Judgment. Failure to please the Requirements of our final arbiter, our ill-tempered God, produced dire consequences. This God as Avenger model of Deity still exists today. It suggests that God is very particular and stubborn about who and how one comes to Him and is welcomed into heaven. It assumes that humans ('born in sin') are imperfect in the eyes of God, and there is something they have to do in order to achieve Perfection, Purification, Salvation, Enlightenment, etc. - and meet the Requirement. We have declared God to be judgmental, so we feel justified to judge everyone else (by race, gender, sexuality, nationality, fame, power, success, etc). Quick to condemn those whom it uncovers the slightest imperfection, we have robbed ourselves and our society of needed leaders, heroes, teachers, and icons. Furthermore, this paradigm fails to answer what happens if the Requirement is not met - and what does it matter.

7. The Illusion of Condemnation:

There had to be a consequence of Judgment. Based on our original myth, God threw Adam and Eve out of the garden when they did not meet the requirement. This created Disunity, which created Insufficiency, which created the Requirement. The punishment was separation, and Insufficiency the result. Then humanity combined aspects of previous illusions to explain death vs. Everlasting Life, punishment and reward. By placing another outcome after physical death, namely Condemnation (2nd Illusion - life is in doubt / failure exists), humans were able to see death not as a punishment but the ultimate manifestation of Insufficiency (evidence of the 4th Illusion). Myths support the Story, the Story supports the illusion - this superstructure of our cosmology is false. Death and God are mutually exclusive - impossible for them to exist side by side. If death exists, then God does not - OR - it must be concluded that God is not everything that is. Believing there is something God is not leads to a belief in death, the Devil, and everything in between. But believing God is the undying energy of Life itself - changing form, and all the energy that forms that which has taken form - is a small step to understanding that death does not, and cannot, exist. Instead, we will experience more life at the moment of our physical death - realizing life goes on and on, and confirming there was never not enough (dissolving the 4th Illusion). Knowing this before physically dying is possible and can alter everything - ending the competition. Instead of seeking affection, attention, sexual satisfaction, and emotional security - we become the source for it. Call it 'karma' or whatever word we choose - the real truth is that there is only one of us. Yet our illusions say we are separated, have something to do, will be carefully watched, and condemned if we do not do it. But even this ideology begged to ask: If God Is Love - Supreme, Complete, Unfathomable Love - how could Condemnation exist? If God is All Forgiving, how could God sentence us to everlasting torture beyond description?

8. The Illusion of Conditionality:

For Condemnation to exist, humans invented Conditionality as a characteristic of life. It implied that we could fail (2nd Illusion) to win God's love (assumed conditional). This produced our experiences of greed, violence, killing, and other examples of conditional love. Conditional love is an oxymoron. The two are mutually exclusive. There is no Conditionality in the Universe. It is not possible for 'What Is' not to be - that is why Life is eternal. Life is That Which Is, and That Which Is can never not be. Life always was, is now, and shall ever be without end. So to with God - for God is what Life is. So to with love - for love is what God is. Love, therefore, knows no condition. Love simply is. God gave no Requirements, no Conditions - we can have the life we desire and whatever afterlife we imagine simply by choosing it. Yet humanity denies this, and has developed religions to explain the Requirements and Conditions to receive God's love; even with our imperfections. Hence, the concepts of forgiveness and salvation were born. They were the conditions of love. They were the 'ifs' - God said 'I love you if'. Instead of being objective, the human race (supported by religions) fractured, creating conflict as to which belief was right - and who had the right to justify any action in the name of God.

9. The Illusion of Superiority:

Humans concluded that if Conditionality existed, then knowing the conditions would be necessary to enjoy the life, and afterlife, that one desired. Those who knew the conditions were better than those who did not. The idea of Superiority was born. The primary use of Superiority (and knowing the conditions) was to provide inarguable justification for the right to ignore others, seek to convert others, or eliminate others if they did not know or agree to the conditions. Knowing the conditions of Life was called science, knowing the conditions of the afterlife were called conscience, and the study of theology (theo+logy=God logic) was called 'high consciousness'. 'Having' (brains, money, time, power, faith, etc) was added to 'doing' in our experience. Those who had acquired more were considered to be more Superior. Since there was not enough (4th Illusion) food-money-love-God, Superiority became the answer to figuring out who 'wins' the 'competition'. Men? Whites? Americans? Christians? Jews? The truth that will set us free is ... there is no such thing as Superiority. We have made it all up. We have proclaimed our perspective, objectives, desires, understandings, etc. to be that of God. A God with an agenda, and needs. This is a mistake. There can be no Superiority when We Are All One. A thing cannot be superior to itself. All things are One Thing, there is nothing else - this is the nature of Ultimate Reality.

10. The Illusion of Ignorance:

Increasingly, each illusion was piled upon the last; Life became more and more difficult to figure out. If this was true, then why that? If that was true, then why this? Before long, philosophers and teachers said "We don't know." And the idea of Ignorance came to be. Human institutions (religions / governments) used 'we don't know' and turned it into 'we are supposed to know' which became 'we do not have a need to know' which finally became 'what we don't know won't hurt us'. Know this: The essence of love is freedom. Love grants freedom - fear takes it away. Love opens up - fear closes down. Love invites full expression - fear punishes it. Love invites you, always all-ways, to break the bonds of Ignorance. Ask any question - Seek any answer - Speak any word - Share any thought - Support any system - Worship any God - Love invites us to live our truth. Ignorance is an Illusion. We already know everything there is to know about Who We Really Are - which is the essence of love. There is nothing we have to learn. We need only to re-member: 1.God needs nothing 2.God cannot fail, and neither can we 3.Nothing is separate from anything 4.There is enough 5.There is nothing we have to do 6 We will never be judged 7.We will never be condemned 8.Love knows no condition 9.A thing cannot be superior to itself 10.We already know all of this.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Journey Through Life

Today the moon is waning. It means changes are year, new places, new ideas, new goals to plan for. Always be positive and patient. Positive that you will only create good for yourself. Practice patience that it will manifest at the right time.

Trust in yourself and the universe that you know the best possible path to take on your journey through life.

If you could only keep quiet, clear of memories and expectations, you would be able to discern the beautiful pattern of events. Its your restlessness that causes chaos.
By Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Maxine Whitfield
Spiritual Coach
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Saturday, January 2, 2010

If our thoughts created our reality instantly we would be careful

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2010 careful.Posted by Bobbie on January 2, 2010 at 7:24am
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This was posted on the United Starseed Blog.......Very Insightful

Artwork by Bobbie
R.S.Clark, Invision Art

With the hightened energies apon us, I'm sure we are all feeling the extreme emotions surrounding us. It is a good time to get centered and stay focused although I know this can take a bit of work as we are faced constantly with the opposing life style that is our reality at this moment.

The best approuch would be to drop all thoughts concerning our negative past experiences and whenever we revisit the feelings of such memories to try to forgive ourselves and others in that thought, to see that with the negative emotion we are revisiting is then a reality that can be easily manesfested in our future, as the energies boombarding us are working through the emotions faster so that we can understand the connection and can then move us into creating something new.

If a person dies on the other hand their thoughts would have manifested in the moment of the thought, as the person that has left their body is now in what I would call an "Anyon" experience where all experience is thought as there is no blockage from the mind body or heart to interupt the flow of energy but as we are alive and in such a slower vibration, it's not so clear anymore, that we are actually creating our future with our thoughts. But with the new energies that are apon us, it is all happening in a much faster way especially for those that are working with the lighter vibrations. If we all knew how important our thoughts were we would watch them and work with them so much more instead of thinking , it dosn't really matter if a think bad thoughts for a while, nobody would know anyway.

If our thoughts created our reality instantly we would all be very careful. Maybe it's time to really focus and work on our thoughts, taking responsibility for them and what they create.
We could then use this knowledge to start creating a new world as we let our imagination flow into what ever we desired and then as the masses started to feel the new thoughts penertrating there bodies, minds and hearts the new knowledge of a new life style would become a reality.

With focus on a grander scale that anything is possible, as in our belief system and truths of what is, is our reality, this can be changed and even our history can be alter, to the point of forgiveness and acceptance of the fall we needed to experience and re-awaken to a much more accepting approch of what others are going through, that we can take this and help others out of this experience with compassion, knowing all the while that it is indeed part of the game of duality, learning and experience.

With such a focus on "anything is possible", where would we go?

To start with a clean canvas and venture into our imaginations where our dreams could kick start us into a new reality as we re-visit other planets and pull up other worldly experience, even the creation of the new movie "Avatar" is what I would call, a knowing of an other worldly experience, as it felt so right to be part of such a connectedness, this is such a great help to create different realities on Earth, which is working with her instead of against her.

We have the imagination which should be a value beyond anything else. All we need now is the knowing beyond any doubt that our thoughts really do create our reality.

With Love and Light from Bobbie

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