Saturday, January 2, 2010

If our thoughts created our reality instantly we would be careful

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2010 careful.Posted by Bobbie on January 2, 2010 at 7:24am
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This was posted on the United Starseed Blog.......Very Insightful

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With the hightened energies apon us, I'm sure we are all feeling the extreme emotions surrounding us. It is a good time to get centered and stay focused although I know this can take a bit of work as we are faced constantly with the opposing life style that is our reality at this moment.

The best approuch would be to drop all thoughts concerning our negative past experiences and whenever we revisit the feelings of such memories to try to forgive ourselves and others in that thought, to see that with the negative emotion we are revisiting is then a reality that can be easily manesfested in our future, as the energies boombarding us are working through the emotions faster so that we can understand the connection and can then move us into creating something new.

If a person dies on the other hand their thoughts would have manifested in the moment of the thought, as the person that has left their body is now in what I would call an "Anyon" experience where all experience is thought as there is no blockage from the mind body or heart to interupt the flow of energy but as we are alive and in such a slower vibration, it's not so clear anymore, that we are actually creating our future with our thoughts. But with the new energies that are apon us, it is all happening in a much faster way especially for those that are working with the lighter vibrations. If we all knew how important our thoughts were we would watch them and work with them so much more instead of thinking , it dosn't really matter if a think bad thoughts for a while, nobody would know anyway.

If our thoughts created our reality instantly we would all be very careful. Maybe it's time to really focus and work on our thoughts, taking responsibility for them and what they create.
We could then use this knowledge to start creating a new world as we let our imagination flow into what ever we desired and then as the masses started to feel the new thoughts penertrating there bodies, minds and hearts the new knowledge of a new life style would become a reality.

With focus on a grander scale that anything is possible, as in our belief system and truths of what is, is our reality, this can be changed and even our history can be alter, to the point of forgiveness and acceptance of the fall we needed to experience and re-awaken to a much more accepting approch of what others are going through, that we can take this and help others out of this experience with compassion, knowing all the while that it is indeed part of the game of duality, learning and experience.

With such a focus on "anything is possible", where would we go?

To start with a clean canvas and venture into our imaginations where our dreams could kick start us into a new reality as we re-visit other planets and pull up other worldly experience, even the creation of the new movie "Avatar" is what I would call, a knowing of an other worldly experience, as it felt so right to be part of such a connectedness, this is such a great help to create different realities on Earth, which is working with her instead of against her.

We have the imagination which should be a value beyond anything else. All we need now is the knowing beyond any doubt that our thoughts really do create our reality.

With Love and Light from Bobbie

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