Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Time To Rest and Release

Starbornes abound in unity around the globe gathering more strength as a whole for their mission.

Spend time today seeking answers to your most pertinent questions. Take time for self reflection. Release your past hurts, pains and sorrows. Let it go so you will be ready for your life's journey as you will be catapulted into action at a moments notice.

Release the illusions of your life as our mission will not be accomplished without your releases.


Just breathe in deep breaths and let out all your pains and sorrows.. We as the Ambassadors of the Universe must be ready for the unfolding of the New Earth.....release, release, release

A prayer: Father Mother God of the universe, lets pray together in this fine day for peace, love, forgiveness, light, beauty, painlessness, and joy to be alive. We have sacrificed ourselves for this journey. Rejoice within your heart and souls as the new earth is ever so near. May God Bless you all.

The Great Star Nation

Maxine Whitfield (Solana Star)
Spiritual Coach
Empowering Thought, Change Your Life

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