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This blog was posted on my Being Infinite Site and wanted to share this with you....
.My dear friend,

We view your planet as a bright star that is soon about to burst open into a magnificent show of lights and colors. Something is brewing behind the scenes of the earth-game and it is something that will forever change how you view the world. It is from your perspective something that will change your whole perspective on your experience. From our perspective it is an event that is unprecedented in therms of planetary evolution.

You will find that reality will become lighter, in many ways. You will feel lighter, but not only that, you will find that your other senses will get an upgrade as well. The frequencies you have been using to observe the world have been operating on a specific frequency-band. Now, with the uplifting and purging that is happening all around, reality will have to adapt to your new senses.

In one way it will be very subtle, because when you start using these new frequency-bands for sensing it will seem like you have used them all your life. It will be hard to imagine where you came from, because where you came from was on a different vibrational band. As your whole being goes up in vibration so will everything else associated with it.

One of the challenges of raising ones vibration is the fuzzy brain that comes with it. Your memory might seem to get poorer and poorer every day. This is because when your brain raises in frequency it can not take with it memories that are vibrating at a lower rate. So in the process you might worry that you loose more than you gain. This is OK, because the new will come and replace the old when the time is ready. Many people are ready to take another step up these days, they are ready to embrace a new way of living as a result of these changes that will occur.

You may notice that your own life have been a little bit chaotic lately, especially if you have been on the ascension path for some time. There is what we would call a saturation point, where the old and the new will brake apart, and the moments before this happens the two dimensions or states of vibrations are unstable. That is what is causing all the chaos. Know that if things are more crazy than usual for you these days, it is a sign that you are getting ready for something new to arrive. It will be different for everyone, but perfect for YOU.

We ask you to be cooperative and release whatever comes up, old emotions, old (outworn) relationships or old thoughts. Just let it go and the process will be smoother. Trust in your intuition and ask what is going on for you? Go inside and ask your own guidance, for that is where you will find YOUR answers.

We love you dearly
Your Angels

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