Friday, March 26, 2010

Join Hands

Group energy is powerful. Whenever you are in a room with like-minded people the energy within you is raised to a higher level. For example, attending Sunday services brings everyone together searching for truth. Attending a concert where everyone is exited about the music group they will be seeing is another example where the energy is at a high positive level and spreads outward.

If you can remember a place where you felt energized that is where you need to tap into as it extends outwardly and affects everyone else on the planet. If you are feeling down put yourself in a place mentally or physically to raise your energy which in turn will bring you a peaceful feeling and center you to the universe.

We are all energy and vibrate at a certain level. We are all connected as one. If you kept yourself in a state of bliss it spreads like wildfire and affects all the people in the world.

This is a time for change. Positive change for you comes from you and extends outward.

It's time to turn off your TV, throw away the newspaper, and rid yourself of all the negative influences that are affecting your life. Why, you ask? Because it lowers your energy, brings you down, and affects everyone else even if you are not aware of it.

Lets join together and make a change. All we have to do is think good thoughts. Whatever it takes to lift yourself off the roller coaster of life.

It's your choice. Live in pain or live in's up to you.

Change your thoughts, be open to receive, step out of the box, and change your life. It happens in an instant.

Maxine Whitfield
Divine Master
Empowering Thoughts, Change Your Life

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