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Creating The New World


This is the fifth part of the Creating The New World series. In this series, we have been exploring the ways to create the New World based on the five divine energy flows of Love,
Light, Truth, Abundance, and Power
. It has grown to a huge
writing, so after this post, I will write another one to sum up and to
present a big picture of the New World.

Embracing our Divine Power

Divine Power is by far the hardest concept in the five energies to understand accurately and therefore hard to embrace. We have seen too many authoritative figures who abuse their worldly power for their own
greed. You probably have been disgusted by them and swore not to be
like them. But wait . . . that doesn’t mean you need to relinquish your
inner power!

The power I’m talking about is our innate power to create. It’s the power of our free will. We are free to make our choices, and as we make choices, we create our lives. Together we create this world.

We all have this power. Even if you are penniless, living with abusive family, or in poor health, you do. The issue is you may not be using this power.

Free will is the best gift from God

One of the frequently asked questions in my Akashic Record Reading is “Why didn’t my spirit guides (or God or Angel) prevent me from getting into this trouble? Why don’t they just hold my hand and guide
me through the best path? Isn’t it cruel and unkind to leave me where I

The answer is: They don’t leave you. They are always with you. But they love you so much that they respect your free will. You are free to make mistakes and learn from them. Whatever horrible mistake you make,
they don’t abandon you, and if you end up dead, you are still loved and
you will get another go.

Spirits do have different mode of operation. In our human common sense, there are times we might want to intervene. For example, if your child is getting involved with criminals and playing with drugs. But
spirits respect our free will. We are even allowed to go against the
Light and become darkworkers. (Obviously, I am not recommending this
option. I’m just saying it’s an option and we are free to choose.)

This Earth is meant to be a creative place where souls incarnate in physical bodies and create in terms of forms. As I wrote in the second part of this Creating The New World series about Light,
we were originally One and Whole, but we wanted to experience love and
abundance in a more tangible and experiential way. So we became
individual souls, and incarnated in this physical world. In order for
this Earth experiment to work, free will is absolutely necessary. Even
if that means many failures and heartaches.

You have the free will. It’s God (or Source or Light) given, and no one can take it away from you, not your parents, not your boss, not your psychic, not even your own spirit guides. Again, the point is you step
up to embrace your power of this free will.

Unfortunately, many of us have forgotten our power and became victims and slaves. . .

Victim mentality

When you are in victim mentality, you see things happen to you, rather than you are creating your life with your own power. It doesn’t matter if you are in abusive relationship or not. You may have grown up
in a loving family, and you may still feel like a victim of the world
or bad luck.

When you live with victim mentality, you are avoiding responsibility that comes with power. This is only a mental trick, however. Whether you consciously take the responsibility or not, you get the consequences
anyway. So why not make your own choice and be aware of your

Slave mentality

I hate this term as much as I hate the term victim mentality. Of course I’m not talking about actual slavery. It’s about becoming an order taker, only going through the motions of life but not fully taking
the responsibility of it. Slaves’ responsibility is about doing the
tasks they were told to do, not about making the decisions about the

Slave mentality is so common it hardly stands out. Just check the “Ask XXXX” column of any newspaper. Tons of people asking how they SHOULD live their lives. As if someone else knows it better. And the
word SHOULD is a telltale sign of slave mentality. “What should I do?
(I’ll do it if you just give me instructions.)”

Some people bring this slave mentality to their relationship with their spirit guides. I work with highly spiritually developed people in my Akashic Record Reading practice. Yet, so many of them ask, “What do
my spirit guides want me to do?”

You are the master of your life. You decide what you want to create, and then you ask advice, say to your spirit guides, in the same way you seek advice from consultants. They share their ideas, and you decide
if you want to take their ideas or not. You are ultimately responsible.

Curiosity vs fear

Both vicim and slave mentalities are motivated by fear. Victims are unaware of their true power and are constantly afraid of what may happen to them. Slaves have (superficially) given away their power and are
afraid of going beyond their territory.

(Note: Some people do stupid things to prove they are not afraid. Whatever the appearance, they are still in the same mode really. Rioting slaves are still slaves, not truly free.)

One of the sign of these negative mindset is the lack of lively curiosity. We came to this life to create, and curiosity for new possibilities is a natural part of us. So ask yourself: When was the
last time you got to know a new person in your life? The last time you
tried out a new hobby? The last time you read a book or article that
was outside of your regular interests? Are you living with your natural
curiosity and exercising the power of your free will?

Misplaced responsibilities

While I’m talking about the issue of responsibility in the context of victim and slave mentality, I want to talk about misplaced responsibility. This is the flip side of it — you start taking
responsibility that is not really yours.

Most common case of misplaced responsibility is when you assume the (negative) emotions of another person and attempt to prevent it from happening. The truth is each person is responsible for his or her
emotions. Of course, we want to be kind and not say or do harmful
things to others. But there is a line there, and some things need to be
said or done even though that may bother someone. Avoiding these
things by taking up someone else’s responsibility for their emotions
compromises your own responsibility for yourself.

This is a pretty tough concept to grasp, so let me paraphrase: It’s good to care for another person but is disempowering for both of you if you take up their responsibility. Also, we ultimately want to transcend
our sense of separated self, but this doesn’t mean we compromise our
boundaries and enmesh our sense of self with others.

The New World based on personal power

The New World is based on individuals as empowered free agents. Not on governments, not on religious organizations, but on individuals. Each of us will live one’s own Truth rather than
blindly following social rules. Social rules and morals will be
unnecessary because our honesty
and integrity will develop fully. We will live in Love
and Light, in peace and harmony.

It is a world of diverse ideas, beliefs, and ways of living. We flourish by celebrating one another’s uniqueness and their power to live their lives.

On the practical level, I think most of us will be working for ourselves. Entrepreneurship is not a requirement in the New World, but when you start living confidently with the awareness of your own power,
you are likely to become an entrepreneur. I’ve already done it — this
blog Yes to Me started to share my learning experiences
as a new entrepreneur. (Whew — some readers may have wondered how
entrepreneurship and spirituality are related, but I do have a point
here!) And I know that, if I can, plenty of others can.

How to bring in the New World

How can we better align with Divine Power and create the New World based on it? Here are some actions plans:

1. Make more mistakes.

You learn how to use your personal power by actually using it, by making decisions by your free will. When you do this, you will make some mistakes. It’s part of the learning process, and you can’t make
decisions while you are so afraid of potential mistakes.

You can start small at a manageable scale and expand as you gain more confidence. What kind of mistakes or failures can you swallow today? How about ordering something different for lunch? Can you take the
disaster of getting something foreign? How about sharing your thoughts
with someone? Trying a new approach to your existing problem?

2. Own your feelings and responsibilities.

Including the so-called negative feelings like anger and sadness. A common misunderstanding about lightworkers is that lightworkers don’t have “bad” feelings and if you feel such feelings, there is something
wrong about you. Well, eventually we want to get to the point where we
see the deeper meanings of such unsettling feelings, but for now, let me
assure you it is natural to feel all kinds of feelings.

What we don’t want to do is avoid the responsibility to feel emotions. Emotions are . . . just emotions. No need to hide it, suppress it, push it to another, etc. Take the responsibility to feel
it, and it will pass.

By the way, does someone around you say, “You shouldn’t be angry / sad / lonely, etc.”? Be very careful. It could be that this person is just insecure with their own feelings, but this is also a common way of

3. Be vulnerable.

Embracing power doesn’t mean putting up a strong facade that you are fearless. When you dare to feel all range of emotions and own them, you feel vulnerable. This is good. The courage to be vulnerable comes from
the trust that you will be taken care of by the Universe.

4. Dream your own dream.

What do you really want to do? It will take some unlearning time to let go of socio-cultural expectations. When you put aside all the “I should be doing this . . .”, what do you want for yourself? Only you
can dream your own dream.

Refrain from editing your dreams. Dare to dream and then think of ways to bring your life to your dream.

5. Know the difference between stepping up to your power and stepping on other people.

Love and power can go hand in hand. It’s important they go hand in hand.

Divine Power comes with Light, so the action plan for Light, along with spiritual practices such as meditation, also works well for Power."

wise words.

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