Thursday, April 29, 2010


Let me start by saying that we are all human.  I blog messages of hope and positive thought and wanted to share with you that I also have my own challenges.

I was unemployed for over a year and a half and the source of my supply was my ex-husband. I practiced believing in a higher power and trusted the universe to take care of me.   I truly believe that he was my channel through spirit. I also received a part time job which was only supposed to last me 3 days but might be extended permanently.  It is taking care of the bills. Things happen, situation's change and I just found out that my ex will no longer be making the house payments on our home.  It is now up for sale. 

I am working 30 hrs a week and live in a very expensive city where rent is pretty high.  I have again trusted in the universe and have visualized what I want and need as far as a new place to live and the finances to get me through.  So far I am still in my search and waiting for someone to purchase my house.  Instead of worrying about the outcome, I practice meditating on a daily basis and read my affirmations.  I also visualize myself with finances, a job, abundance, and everything I want my perfect new home to have.

I have also started ridding myself of all the things in my house that I have grown attached to but are no longer useful to me.  I am staying positive and open minded and know that I WILL be taken care of.  I am living in the " now", not looking back or worrying about tomorrow.

I am sharing this with you because hopefully this is what you will do also when faced with challenges.  This is what we all must do to survive.  We are never alone or on our own....not really...we have help, even if you can't physically see them.

So far my ex has decided to let me have all the proceeds from the sale.  He is being very generous.  I will keep you informed of how this all pans out. 

A lot of people tell stories of what has happened in their past and how their thoughts saved them.  I decided to share this with you while I am currently experiencing it. I will update my progress in it's final stage.

Take Care and God Bless

Maxine Whitfield
Divine Master
Empowering Thoughts, Change Your Life

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I am following my own advice......Can YOU?

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