Monday, April 5, 2010


I had a revelation this morning about natural disasters, especially earth quakes.

Even though the earth quake was centered in Baja, California, it was felt all the way to Santa Barbara and Phoenix, Arizona! That is pretty amazing. What was weird was I was present but didn't feel anything at all!!! I was in downtown San Diego in the gas lamp district strolling down the street. There were quite a few people eating at outdoor restaurants. First I heard a foreigner cry out and then the people next to me, frantically bolted out of the outdoor restaurant onto the street. I asked what the commotion was and it was an earthquake. I didn't believe them so I wondered down the street and noticed people everywhere in the street looking afraid. I asked another couple and they confirmed it.

My sister called me 3 min. after the quake but my cell phone did not ring and it also didn't show a missed call.....It's possible I astral projected off the planet...I have no clue....but it was a rolling type earthquake, one I should of felt.

I was hoping to hear the news in the morning as we had another small aftershock at 4am but instead the news was about Tiger Woods and Hollywood.

It had then dawned on me that earthquakes are created by The People along with other natural disasters. Earthquakes shake and my revelation is that the people need shaking up!!!! Why so many people are fixated on celebrities is beyond me. They are normal people who happen to be entertainers. People who live and die by the entertainment world are pretty shallow. It's all about money; money for magazines, newspapers, and television.

EARTHQUAKES SHAKE...THEY "SHAKE UP " TO "WAKE YOU UP" to whats important in life.

This will only get worse till the People realize that loving each other unconditionally, accepting everyone on this earth as their brother and sister, helping spread the wealth is what is important. We are collective consciousness which means our thoughts affect everyone, not just ourselves.

There are still wars, corruption,( political and otherwise), and individuals who are still stuck in their power and control issues.
Change Means:
  • Us coming together as one
  • Spreading the wealth, not homeless and super wealthy
  • Love one another equally
  • Put money back on balance
When I read that the Dodger's owner, who is getting divorced, was asked for 1,000,000,000 a month for alimony I was sickened.

Natural disasters bring people together. Unless we do it naturally, than the earth will cleanse itself by bringing on more disasters to shake us up. Is that what you want?

WAKE UP! Spread the word of peace, tranquility, and love and lets join together to ease up the disasters that are looming in the foreground.

Maxine Whitfield
Divine Master
Solana Star
Empowering Thoughts, Change Your Life

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