Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Quick Update

This my third post of my continuing story.  The last title was  "Two Sides to Every Coin"......

With every negative I have experienced , a positive one took it's place:

1. Even though I destroyed my bumper, my place of employment has an auto shop that does not do body work but they decided to go for it and fix my bumper.  The shop foreman is waiting for the best deal on a bumper.  He will not only fix it but prepare it so I won't even need a rental car.

2.  I was able to find a termite place that will take care of my problem for 1/2 the price I was originally quoted.

3.  My neighbor was able to temporarily fix my refrigerator so my food wouldn't spoil till the repairman came to fix it.  The repairmen said he couldn't figure out how he did it!!! Hmmmm!!!

4.  I was hired as an employee with benefits from the school district where there is a hiring freeze!  No one can figure that one out!!! The power of the Universe.

5.  My house had 15 showings the first week and two contracts!!!  (In a down market) 

I am still waiting on the appraisal to see if this sale will work.  I haven't found a place to live yet because of I'm not sure the house is sold yet.

I hope you can see how trying my situation is yet positive things are happening when most people would tell you the negative. It is imperative to focus on the positive even when the chips are down.

I am so glad that I know the Universe is always there for you......I hope you do the same.....


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