Sunday, June 27, 2010

It All Came Together

Angels are ALWAYS upon us; guiding us and directing us.  My move is finally over.  Looking back it was a long hard struggle with so many ups and downs.  The difference is when the negative appeared I stayed in TRUST of the UNIVERSE. 
It is all about releasing control and things that we own.  Downsizing from a 3 bedroom house to a one bedroom apt is not an easy task.  I kept things I should of got rid of and gave away things I should of  So much of my stuff was given away and it's ok. After moving in my matching Love seat and computer chair didn't fit and I gave it away.  My feeling was that it's only money and really what is that????
So many people have even less than me and I preferred to brighten someone else's life if I could do that.
I didn't get the place I fell in love with.  I still don't know why, but I trust the Universe that the one I do have is right for me.  Even though I didn't get any "feeling" it has more closet space than my 3 bed. house!!!  That was important to me.  Plus it's in the neighborhood I wanted.  Intuitively I was told I would not find my place on craigslist.  I asked my guides how could that be?  Their answer was you will but you won't.  So what happened was I drove by a place from the ad, which was junky, and decided to drive around the neighborhood and while I was this place appeared and it all worked out easily, like it should.


So everything worked out! Now to bigger and better things.  Released the old, enter the life, new experiences, new challenges....

My message today is to remember one important detail.  While you are experiencing change, challenges, financial woes, job losses, and feel its the end STOP!  Release your old ways, release your old thoughts and Let it go and TRUST in the UNIVERSE.  Turn off your television, don't listen to the news, or your friends........BECAUSE you have one choice and one choice ONLY....Live in pain or Live in Joy......The choice is yours.
My soul purpose of sharing my experience with you was for one reason only.  To let you know that with all the negative experiences I encountered in the last two years I learned that the only REAL help.....the REAL world is the UNIVERSE and not the illusion most everyone is caught in.


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Thanks and God Bless

Maxine Whitfield
Spiritual Coach

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