Sunday, June 6, 2010


Through the struggle, bit by bit it is all coming together. With every negative there has been a double positive outcome.  I have continued to have appliances break and struggle with the sale details of my home.  My ex roommate even refused to repair a damaged door or clean the bathroom.  Yet it has all come together as I work on being positive.

I was able to have repairs done free of charge.  I was able to repair appliances for little cost.  I was hired into my position during a recession.  I was able to cut my emergency medical bill less than half.  I now am narrowing down my places to live.  I was offered a place yesterday but again I am trusting in my intuition that the place I really desire will come together.  Even though there is a possibility of losing  my second choice I am letting my guidance lead me where it has never failed me.  It brings such joy to my heart and brings tears to my eyes knowing that I am okay. I am also taking care of everything on my a sense...because I am being helped by my spiritual family. They give me the physical and mental strength to keep it all together.

Slowly but surely it is all working out. Like the Wheel of Life; it turns around and around. Some things fall off - past hurts, pains, negative experiences, etc., while the new growth, positive experiences stay on and collect more positive.

Visualize, be positive, serve mankind, love unconditionally......this is the new world you can create for yourself and permeate it out to others.

Step out of fear and reclaim your life...the life that was meant for each and everyone of us.  It's up to one's your choice.  Live in love and light or fear and pain.  Which one do you prefer?  Take a chance, make a change, and TRUST.....

Maxine Whitfield
Intuitive Counselor
Life Coach
Expert Author
Solana Star from Orion Stargate


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