Monday, July 12, 2010


I couldn't help but notice how my past relationship hurts and pain still crept up on me. As soon as a new man came int my life those past feeling would well up inside of me. The emotions resurfaced and bubbled back into my heart.  They flowed out like an unstoppable river flooding me with emotions, despair and most of all distrust.

I would read books, passages, and messages to LET THIS GO.  I have meditated and prayed for it to leave me.  I have released some of it through tears as crying is a great way to release pent up emotions.  I would tell myself I must be healed, go out meet another man and it would start all over again.

I started blaming the Internet dating scene, my age, whatever else could I because I truly believed I was convinced I was healed from my past.

I personally like dating younger men even though people have made jokes about it.  So many people are so judgemental about others but I have always been accepting of everyone no matter what the age.  But the main idea here is that if you ask for guidance you will receive it even if your guides have to send you a very young person to do does not matter?  All that matters is that you wake up to the message.

I actually met a very nice guy who tried to teach me this but I was more wrapped up in my past thoughts.....he must want something from me.....he's not to be trusted, etc.  I brushed him aside like he was nothing.  At this point I was reminded, "if you have something to learn your guides will keep giving you the same type of person to teach you what it is you need to change about yourself."

Then a much younger gentleman came into my life.  The first guy was very spiritual but I still brushed him off.  This last one was even 7 years younger than him....only 24!!!  He wrote words as if he was 50, extremely mature and more spiritual than the last.  Now, looking back, I'm thinking my guides we saying we'll show her...hahahaha....

In any case as soon as someone would try and get close to me all my past pain, hurts, lies, deceits and most of all distrust would come to the surface.  The difference is I must have been more open to his lecture to me. He actually pointed it out to me about how I was carrying my past into every relationship!!!  It was a very profound experience...Here was a man more than half my age who even told me he did not have much experience with relationships yet he is giving me this message? 

What I learned from this experience is unless you are ready to open your own eyes, it doesn't matter what happens until YOU ARE READY TO RECEIVE.  You can actually feel the change permeate throughout your whole body, breathe it in and feel a "click" deep inside your soul.

This happened to me just this past weekend.  It happened because I spent time with a 24yr old guy.  Messages come in any shape, form, size or age.  I am happy that I was FINALLY open to it...

On a side note, most people don't understand that everyone who walks this earth is special in their own way.  No matter what their age they have something to teach you.  Please don't disregard people because of their age, because truly AGE IS JUST A NUMBER.

I am finally on my path of healing my past.  I know now that I WILL attract my best mate ever.

Thank you Steven for that slap in my face that woke me up from my deep dark sleep.  I am finally free of it.

Maxine Whitfield

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