Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dating Confusion

Being single and dating has definitely changed.  I have noticed, as well as other singles, that the dating scene has become a difficult process.  I somewhat blame it on the Internet.  The Internet is a great tool in so many ways but there is always a positive and negative with every invention. Now the whole idea of dating on the Internet is a great idea as we are so busy with our lives that why not meet men and woman in the privacy of your own home??

I have come across so many challenges but this morning I woke up with a very powerful thought I would like to share for all the single men and woman:

What we believe is truly what we create.  I blog this all the time....yet sometimes we have to dig very deep to look at ourselves....as I have.  I was recently reminded that if you attract lying, deceitful men then you, yourself are lying and deceitful to yourself.  I had to look at that closely and realized that in my early upbringing I was actually taught that concept by my mother and father.  A lot of these concepts are subliminal and we don't even realize it until the situation happens over and over.

I also attract men who are completely disrespectful to me and only  seem interested in sex.  Well I was also told that men are only after one thing, therefore if I believe that, I create that for myself. 

My point is that you truly are the master of your own destiny.  So this is a friendly reminder that everything that happens in your life that you do not like, step back and seriously look at yourself because your own thoughts created it.

In the meantime I also wanted to share a valuable insight that came to me this morning. I have noticed that men with these traits are all exactly the same.  So until you can fix yourself and change your outcome, then, in the meantime, notice this pattern as I did.  There are millions of men and woman who experience this issue so this is what I noticed...........first the person acts totally interested........second they only want to email and chat but never ask to meet you.......then they ask for your yahoo ID to chat or your cell number....as far as yahoo they might never chat at all with you or just say hi and "feel" you out and move on...if they get your number then they start sending you pictures.....first the pictures are of them clothed then they send unclothed pictures!!!! Never once have they asked to meet you for coffee or a drink first.  If they do then it's "my place or yours"......or come to his house and watch a movie.....or he wants to cook for you..etc..etc.....but most likely its the cell no..the pictures to see what you will do.  This is a pattern that I have found amongst all men I have met no matter what their age.  And I know it is not happening just to me.  I have heard from the men that woman do this also to them..

So if you want to change your dating outcome you MUST look at yourself and notice what it is about yourself that needs changing.  Take responsibility for your outcomes, whether it be man or woman. 

The best start is to start loving yourself and loving and accepting everyone on this planet. Check into your old programs and just stop the movie......take as much time as you need.  If you keep attracting these types of people then at least notice these signs..then tell yourself you still need work.  When you start attracting what you always wanted then reward yourself for the changes that you have made within yourself.

Most importantly, look at the signs, the outcome, and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY ......and don't forget to REWARD YOURSELF for your growth. Don't fall into the trap as we all do and look outside of yourself and blame......because if I believe the Internet is full of horrible men and woman, then it is exactly what I or You will attract.

We all want love and to be loved.  So begin today....because remember, "Empowering Thoughts, Change Your Life."

Maxine Whitfield
Life Coach

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