Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just Had To Share

I'm my master
I know I was created
I know I was created to Love
I have no religion
only spirituality
and non-duality
I live, I laugh, I love
I hurt, I cry, I ache
I love everyone
no exceptions
I'm weak, I'm strong
I'm fierce, I'm humble
I'm proud, I'm brave
I'm compassionate
... and caring
I'm daring, I'm bold

I feel everything
... and everyone
I know who I am
... I am LOVE
I know who rules my soul
and if you judge me
... you'll never know!
We are all branches
from the same tree
whether you like it or not
we may see things differently
and have different perspectives
... and beliefs
but inside... we are...
blood, we are bones
we are matter, we are spirit
we are dead, we are alive
... the same inside
All this hate and animosity
religious dogma's and
seething indifference and apathy
get us nowhere!
We don't have to agree on everything


we're entitled to our opinions
we're entitled to be unique
respect, though...
give it, you get it
plain and simple as that
of course you don't have to agree
... with me
but what other option do you see?
something's gotta give
why not let it be you
in the midst of chaos and despair
let people know you care
... if you dare
It takes more strength to build up
than to tear down
that's why they say...
hate is easy, love takes courage

It's still a choice though, of course
that's the beauty of it
I'm hoping you choose
what's best for us...
what's best for you!
Love is all that matters
and it's the missing link
in this battered torn up world of ours
so are you going to go down in flames
and take everyone with you
or shine like the star... you are?

Sincerely...... Joni Lyn

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