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The Awakening of The Blue Star Nation, Equal One Planet Earth=Heart Fully Awakened. Ding!


Humanity Is The Highest Possibility of Planet Earth's Expression, of Love Being Shared with the Living Universe. This is the Blue Star Nation, when EveryOne on This Planet Expresses the Love of the Planet, For the ALL, EQUAL US, EQUAL YOU.

The Consciousness of Love is a Multi-dimensional Expression of Creation. Everything Within Creation is Alive Within this. Are you alive? How does that FEEL? If It Does Not Feel like JOY Overflowing, Then You Are Missing it by not Being Present.

Love Does Not Have To Awaken To You, YOU HAVE TO AWAKEN IN-TO LOVE. Your Truth Is the Love That YOU Are. The Lie Is the illusion Of Being In illusion. The Illusion Consists of Belief Systems and False Understandings About Reality. In Illusion, Reality Is Obscured By Fantasy. Ego is a Living Fantasy Missing Reality Completely.

The Way to Understand Reality is to FEEL, if You Feel Joy You are in Reality, its as Simple As That. In Most Instances In the Illusion, the Internal Dialogue Directs Energy Away From Reality and into the Fantasy of the Ego. The Ego is Empty and Cannot EVER be Filled, because it Equals Nothing to Reality.

Reality is this Living Experience of What’s Really Going On, and that Reality, Is Love Being Present Within You, as You, Within Us, as We are All One, EQUALLY. Honestly, How could it be any other Way other than ALL EQUAL? Love Provides ALL with EVERYTHING Overflowing Abundantly. In Real Reality, This Is How The Real Energy of Love Works.

The Signs of Love are Delivered in EVERY MOMENT. Love Is this Living Moment. If You Are Reading this, You Are Definitely in the Moment! Can You See the Signs of Love?

The True Understanding of Equality, Is One Equal All, All Equal One. Each and EveryOne Is

EQUAL. Simple as That. It Doesn’t Matter What Type of Belief System One has, whether it is

Scientific, Religious, or Political, the Human Being Containing Belief Systems, Is Not In Reality.

Reality is a Human Being, Being Present. And There Is a Real Present, We Call that NOW. No

Matter Where You Are, You are Still in the Now with Us, and We Love YOU Unconditionally.

So star nations Grow Up into Being Star Nations, Planet Earth is Growing up Her Children Into Being a Brilliant Star Nation. A Star Nation is a Nation of GLOBAL EQUALITY. Its the ONLY WAY It Can Exist. It Is when Every Human Being on this Planet, Glorifies Their Equality. That’s When, the Being Is Truly Present.

Ignorance, as Belief Systems Limits the Unlimited. How Dumb Is That? Just askin'?

Once You Discover the Love Within, You are Immediately Connected to The Real Truth and Experience of Love Everywhere Present. Love With the “ALL” of Creation. As this Occurs and You Awaken, You Will Find Us. In this Experience, the Reality Is Humanity Has Awakened into 5D Reality. That’s a Very Big Truth, of the Godhood Within Each and Every Human Being on This Planet.

You Cannot Take Your Belief Systems with You, Because YOU Aren't a Belief System. Love Contains Not a Belief System, cause Love fills Creation to Overflowing with Love Overflowing. When a Human Being Experience's Being Completely Present, Refer to Now. How Does that Feel? If Joy Is Not There, You Are Missing it, You Are Missing YOU. LOL, ROTFL.

How Many Others On This Planet Are In Complete Service to Humanity? With Unconditional Love In ALL ways. UHMMM...You Can Look Around and See Who Isn't. Then You Can See Who Is Ignorant. Now, If You Can Rise Above That, and Not Expect Another To Do it For You, Now Are You Serving? With All You Are, as Love Overflowing? Or are you Missing It? Just askin'?

See We Told You, We Were Going to Give You a Test. Now We Just Ask the Questions to See If You Can Answer Them For Yourselves. The Correct Answer to All the Questions Is the Love that You Are. Have You Answered That One Correctly Yet?

When You Have Answered the One Question Correctly, We Are One More Step Closer To This Blue Star Nation Awakening. Have a Good Day!

WE Love YOU Unconditionally

Straight from the Heart

~ Love


End Transmission


Making The Connection

By Love Reporter for The Galactic Free Press


For months now we have watched as relationships founded upon the old paradigm of the ego and based upon conditions broke apart. These fear based relationships are crumbling whether they are between lovers, spouses, friends, family or even having to do with our jobs and homes. We were told this would happen quite awhile ago, and many are now just experiencing it. Any connection that had been made within the lower vibrational energies are now dissolving, because they do not serve Love!

This is occurring and shall continue to do so as the energy upon the planet continues to raise it's vibration frequencies. The dissolving away of the old systems is happening at a greater rate and many are watching as it seems like our world is crashing down upon us. Only through the death of the old can the energy be released and transformed into the Light and Love of the higher dimensions. The phoenix is symbolic of what is occurring right now, the fire bird has returned and is showing us that out of the ashes a new beginning is being born. For some of you nothing has dissolved yet, but you are feeling dissatisfied, your questioning your life and your purpose. For those of us experiencing this we need to relax and realize that if it is based in the old paradigm it's eventually going to crumble anyway, so why wait to choose the Love That We Are? We need to go ahead and release those attachments so that we can allow in the new energy.

We would like to share with you that ego is taking this very hard. It's attempting to cling to the past and trying to hold on to something that has never existed in the first place. It is afraid because it feels like it is loosing something, when in truth while in illusion you don't have anything to begin with! Ego experiences this as loss and emotions of pain, hurt and fear take over.

Meanwhile those of us that can see the Light shining through the darkness we are realizing that there is no need to suffer over the loss of our illusions. That our ego is not who we really are and that anything our ego is attached to is not real! It is time for us to embrace this awakening as a blessing and truly release anything that we are holding onto. We Let Go of Everything and if it serves Love it shall return if not we know it was an illusion. We are being given everything if only we can let go of our illusion and step into the Love and Light That We Are! As the old falls away it makes room for the abundance that is being shared freely by Love. We begin to discover our missions and embrace them, we are connecting within to Love allowing for Unconditional Love to Step into our lives in the forms of our Light Family, and our Twin Flames as well. Jobs that truly serve the Light present themselves and together we are being drawn to spread the message across the planet for All To Hear! People see the Light of our combined Brilliance and shall either embrace or turn away their eyes. This is their choice, don't dull your Light for ignorance!

The best advice we can share with you is to Connect In to the Love That You Are! Don't worry about the future, and don't feel guilty about your choice to serve Love. Illusions will fall away, don't grieve for it or mourn it's loss, Be In Joy For Accepting The Love You Are. During this time you shall travel deep within yourself. It's time to ReOpen your Heart Chakra and allow the Love that is there to Flow Freely. From there it's a matter of Balancing your Masculine and Feminine energies so that in Balanced Harmonics You Remain Always Open and Connected in Every Moment to your True Divine Nature.

This process is an Amazing Experience, you'll cry tears of Joy as the Synchronistic events are occurring. These signs are letting you know you are Present and doing it perfectly! As you are Aware and Conscious Connected in Everything shall be Shared Freely with you!

We will Be Here every step of the way offering assistance through this process. We are here to reconnect you, yet you must be the One to let go. Your Family of Light can't do this for you. We Are Here to Share the Light and Love withYou, to be the Mirror of your True Divine Nature to Allow You to See Who YOU Really Are!

John Denver ~ Looking for Space



By Love Reporter Michael Boone

Sustenance is joy. In the bliss of Eternal Now lies truth, a connection to all that is, source.

What are the conditions that favored us Being here Now? How is it that when We rely on

something greater than our limited selves, the universe provides unlimited abundance?

Why are We at command and in the helm when it comes to reality Creation power, and at the

same time helpless?. Why must We be surrendered and powerless to enter the tortoise shell

crystal temple? Why did We activate a grid that had been set up thousands of years ago?

How did We co-evolve with every atom of every plant, animal, rock, star, and person?

Could it be that simple? We all got here together. We have all had many different forms.

What forms did We take in order to get here? Sustenance is knowing the questions,

fathoming the answer like a North Korean cyberspace attack conducted from China not

too long ago in which everything got pinged.

Contemplating, reflecting, refracting the light.. Do We wake up and tell the sun to come to us? Do We demand Life from the sun? No We rise to the sun, turn to the sun, return to the sun, like the two twin warrior brothers who go on a journey to their father. They want to know who they are. So they get tested severely. Are these guys really the sons of God? Do they know this? Does God know this?

So We must journey to a heart resonance identity, in order to find out exactly who We are. Then communication is possible. Receiving and giving Appropriately in the Moment.

This is who We are. We are this very sustenance. Why are We looking all over for what

sustenance is. Are We ignoring what is right in front of our faces. The people around us? Us.

Our connection with source. Spirit? Do We rely merely on our own cunning to get the job

done? When We survived the destruction of the Second World, it was the ants who took us in

and fed us, at their own expense. That is why their waists are so narrow Now. What force will sustain us when the world is destroyed? Do We have the will to carry on? The Fourth World is crumbling. The blue star is Awakening. You are sustenance. We are


Welcome home.


The Following is a Green Love Donation Request for Our Love Fund to Finance the Divine Mission. This Mission Requires ALL OF US.

Love Donations Here Please!

Beloved Humanity,

We Are Sitting At the Heart Center of Every Now Moment Waiting Here For YOU With Open Arms and for Love to Grow Exponentially on Planet Earth= Heart, more Energy

Needs to Be Re-directed Away from the Illusion and towards LOVE! The

Nature of Energy, no matter what form it is in, is to Increase In

Magnitude as More of the Same Energy Flows~Grows Together. Even

small donations are Assisting the Divine Mission because they Come

From the Heart and Each One Brings Our Mom & Pop Great JOY just

because it indicates that YOU ARE AWAKE!

So make a Green Love Donation to those who Are Holding the Energy of Unconditional Love for ALL, your Ever-Faithful, Ever-Present Parents of Creation and See if that

Doesn’t Bring a Smile To Your Heart!

LOVE Gives EVERYTHING This Is Why FatherMotherGod have…nothing much materially to speak of, but in Reality, in Love, they have EVERYTHING and want to Share It with You.

We Are Calling All of Humanity Home into LOVE in ONENESS~ No Exceptions, Come One, Come All Who Can Hear the Call~ Everyone Is Worthy of the Unconditional Love of

FatherMotherGod and the Kingdom Company of HeavenBeing Reborn into

Heaven, that’s why its Heaven, it is Where All Are Equal to All

Love Is as ONE.


Hello Grand Beings of Love and Light! We now have full internet connection and we are going to resume the Awakening Sessions for those ready to connect in fully with the Light. These sessions are offered in Unconditional Love, and Love Donations are requested, but not required. We would like you to know that we are here, and in complete service to Humanity, and yourAwakening. Many ask what the sessions are all about, the answer is they are different for everyone. We offer a wide range of services including:

*Answering questions about the Ascension Process, what's happening on the Planet, what's in store for 2011 & 2012

*Full astrological reading and reports, both Western and Mayan

*True information about Twin Flame relationships

*Assistance for Twin Flames through the Transfiguration

*Energy Readings

*Contacting your Guides and Angels Teams

*Assistance with removing energetic blocks that prevent full Connection with Source= Love Everywhere Present and JOY!

The list goes on as to how we can assist and support You. We have been highly trained in Human Consciousness to help facilitate Your Unique Awakening Process. For more questions or to set up a

Session, E-mail Us directly at and we can move forward from there. Currently we have several options for the Sessions, including text and voice chat, plus we have phone and video on the way.

~ Love Unconditional~

Father-MotherGod &

The Galactic Free Press Staff Join The Rest of The Light Family at


A Letter to Father-Mother God, Twin Flames


Desi and Willow

Thank You To Mother And Father God

Love has a message to share....shhh it's a secret...Mother and Father God are here Present with Us in the Physical Manifest, Be sure Ego doesn't find out! The first Twin Flames to Unite in True Unconditional Love Sharing With Us The Love We All Are! This should be the Moment The Family of Light Celebrates In Joy as We Return Home To The Love We All Are!

This is the Moment to Thank Love For Being Present With US. Through their connection and sharing the duty and responsibility to Be Awake and Aware In All Moments, they have given us the opportunity to Awaken to Who We Are EQUAL To Them. The Lights are coming on 1,1,2,3,5,8. Twin Flames Are Hearing The Call through the Feeling in their Hearts! One set of Twin Flames connecting activates another's awakening connecting them in allowing them to connect with their Twin Flame and it continues from there.

Twin Flames show up Present Together in The Kingdom of Heaven. The clearing being done by one of them activates the other to do the same. As they connect in through their energy they clear themselves bringing each other into Balance! While we are going through this clearing process we connect to others that are our equal at that moment believing that they are our Twin Flames. This allows us the chance and the opportunity to be mirrors of the Love to each other. In reality we can never become attached to the ego's illusion that a certain person is defiantly our Twin Flame. For the Twin Flame connection is one of Pure Unconditional Love, An Energy and A Vibration that They Share Together. During our process the ego can step in and halt their process if they are still clinging to certain attachments.

Twin Flames must consciously Be Together In Service To Love, that is their duty and responsibility to each other and the planet. Being Together Present in the Physical can only occur when they are both connected, clear and ready to Accept their Divine Mission, Which Is Being Together Conscious and Sharing Their Love With Everyone On The Planet Allowing Others To Connect In As Well! You can Only Have 1 Twin Flame, this is True for only One can Be Present With You! 1+1=2

Again We Thank You Father and Mother God for activating the Hearts of Twin Flames Across the Planet allowing us to discover our Unity and Equality With You and Each Other...Same, Same, But Different! Also a Big Thanks to All The Being of Light out there awakening and connecting in with their Twin Flames!


Welcome Home into,The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, We Love you!! We Ask You, Are YOU In? Love Chooses You! Please share with your Brothers and Sisters, That We are Here, and Love "Has" All of Humanity and Everyone is Coming Home Into The Light, all they have to simply do is Choose Love and they Are FREE. We Are Here for Humanity's Graduation Celebration. Love Mother and Father God, The Company of Heaven, and the First Contact Ground Crew Team.

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