Monday, August 2, 2010

Focus Your Attention On Light And Love

Remember that we are ONLY energy and nothing else.  Energy flows where attention goes!  It is imperative for you to focus only on the Love and Light that permeates this planet.

It is for your benefit as well as everyone who resides here.  There is too much fear based news still being broadcast. It is to keep you out of the light.  Don't focus on the oil spill, wars, economy, money, and every negative thing you can think of .

We are energy and love. Focus on the love of all.  Stop judgements as it will only put you on a lower energy field. Judgement comes from fear. 

Put your energy into what you want to create for yourself. Believe in a higher power.  Life is an illusion which reflects back to you.  It's a perception of yourself and your thoughts.

There is always something going on in life which is challenging. Keep your head up high, and know that the world is a beautiful place filled with nature, oceans, stars, and beautiful people inside and out.  Everyone is your brother and sister. We are all connected.  Focus on that and it will uplift you.  Relaying these messages helps me to heal and it uplifts me too.

See the beauty and create it for yourself.  Your mind is powerful.  The universe is powerful.  Everything else is not real. Stay in the light and love and your world will become a brighter place.

Love and Light

Maxine Whitfield
Spiritual Coach
Author "How To Step Out of Fear and Reclaim Your Life"

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