Friday, August 27, 2010

Found this On United Starseeds....We Are An Accumulation of All Our Lives

I needed this evening to remind myself when life is in such acceleration mode that we are a sum of all of our lifetimes in this present incarnation. If one can comprehend, this it really is an exciting concept, although mindboggling as well. When karma (don't really like this word much but for concept sake), gets a little tough, it may assist to know that we can move through rather quickly. For example, in Victorian times, we might have taken all of one lifetime for one puny issue. Things are so speeded up now that apparently in ONE WEEK we can move through thousands of years!! This extreme fast, and faster life does explain why emotions are of roller coaster intensity. My spiritual teacher shared that the Karmic Board, Heaven, Ascended Masters, whatever name you wish gave a dispensation for this timing, the dispensation being, we can conclude all lives karmically, progressing to ascension in THIS LIFETIME!! Some lightworkers have completed their main missions but are staying to serve and to welcome 2012, many are still working on personal and collective issues. I don't think this information is widely known, so thought I would offer this golden nugget, that being the Heavenly Dispensation Decree. How courageous we all are to enable ourselves to be in incarnation for this truly exciting but challenging timing.
Theresa Amora

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