Monday, August 23, 2010

Spiritual Energy Healers

Energy healing is another form of spiritual healers.  There are different categories of energy healers but it all boils down to your specific gifts.
Some of us specialize in the different modalities while others, such as myself, are aware of the gift they possess by just being present. We are all energy. We communicate our thoughts through energy as well as thoughts are communicated to us in the same manner.
I found out I had healing abilities by a psychic I saw back in 1983. At that time I was waiting tables at a restaurant and felt that I wasn't contributing to society in the way I should. I had actually dreamed about being a waitress and that was why I had pursued it.  The psychic had told me the reason I was in this field of work was because I just automatically spiritually heal  others when they are in my presence.  It was nice to know that was my mission and I was contributing to society in some way.
What is unfortunate is that society has dictated to us way too long about what "should" be.  Some of us never find out our mission but my point is to spend time on honoring yourself and loving yourself.  You never know, you might also be a spiritual healer!  One way being a spiritual healer was confirmed to me was that since I was aware of it, I started noticing how people actually calmed down.  I felt so blessed that I was having fun at my job while my customers were complaining about theirs.  They always said they loved sitting in my section because they seemed to feel more peaceful.
Most everyone I come in contact with makes that same statement. It is always important to follow your intuition because you are sent to places of which most of the time you know not why.  It's about  understanding that there is a higher power, the only power to follow.
For instance besides being energy we also vibrate at different levels. As a spiritual healer, I get sent to stores or certain areas of town.  There is someone who needs my energy and it doesn't matter who it is.  There have been times I have driven by automobile accidents knowing that my healing energy was helping in some way.
Lately I have been approached by homeless people who, instead of asking me just for money, actually tell me how they are feeling.
Life is a wonderful, beautiful place.  It's all about loving yourself, others, and trusting in the Universe that you will always be protected and taken care of.
It's time to know that you have the powers to spiritually heal not only yourself but others too.  The first step is awareness and everything from there falls into place.
Trust it, follow it, and you will "feel" its love and guidance filling you up with love, light, healing, and joy.

Maxine Whitfield
Spiritual Advisor

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