Monday, August 9, 2010


I want to share with you that this week coming up is a very powerful week.  WE are being energized more and more as the time goes by.  Light will be infused into our DNA which will open us more now than before.

It is so important from now on that you only think of what you desire in your life as you are the creator.  Visualize it, say it positively, or write it down on paper. Love is flooding the planet and opening everyone up to it.

Have you noticed your single friends are now finding their love?  Stay away from any news broadcasts and don't get wrapped up in what is happening around you. Focus only on beauty of the planet, the power of the universe, love for everyone......put up those blinders from your negative friends....listen ONLY what's in your heart and your mind and follow your dreams NOW. Do whatever brings you joy.

Say this to yourself every day: " I am satisfied with what I have. My love, happiness and security is coming to me from within, from God as my source and supply."

The world is a beautiful place as long as you SEE it that way.  Remember, you create your own life by your own thoughts.  See beauty in everything and you will create that for yourself.  See love....see beautiful trees, thick green forests, clean ocean, smell of fresh clean air, pure water and it will be yours.

Bless You,

Maxine Whitfield
Spiritual Advisor
Expert Author

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