Wednesday, September 15, 2010


If you want to be on the road of change, then listen ONLY to yourself...your inner self.  You have all the answers and the guidance that you need.
 Stay away from news and radio broadcasts and everything that creates anger and fear within you.  You have access to guides, angels, and fairies.  Fairies help with everyday concerns while angels help with worldly affairs.
This is your birthright!  Take it back!  We have been run by the Controllers of this earth to keep you from everything you can have.
The time is here.  Visualize and create...put in your energy, and TRUST.
It will never happen for you if you keep listening to others, asking others for your advice.  If you want a great life, think about love and kindness only.  Create what you really desire. Ask the fairies for help.
Remember one important think...if you want to change your life, take it back, trust your inner guidance only because when you Empower Your Thoughts, You Do Change Your Life.

Maxine Whitfield
Spiritual Healer

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