Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Timing/God is In Charge

Think about it!  We all have it but are we aware of it?

Everything happens when it's suppose to.  The power is God, not people on this planet.  They try and make you think so, that is for sure. 

When you are detained it's for a reason.  If you are late to an appointment due to red lights or traffic jams, it's your guardian angel calling you, so to speak, to let you know to slow down because your meeting is being delayed.

Stay away from the news and broadcasts which only instill fear in you.  I sold my house during the "economic crisis."  I had it up for sale two years ago and only one person looked at it.  I sold it this June in my first week back on the market because it was the right time.  The world and broadcasts will have you thinking otherwise.

I tried to get a job for over a year and couldn't  because I was suppose to write.  I searched every day with doors slamming in my face.  God supplied me a money channel.  I started writing this blog, a book, and am now expanding to another blog.  Once I got my "message" to write, I got my job at a place that is NOT HIRING anybody.  Who is in charge?  God is in charge!

Life is wonderful.  Everything in life happens at the right time.  Love yourself, honor yourself, love others, understand the world and who the power is.  That will take you out of fear into joy.  Remember, change your thoughts, change your life.

Maxine Whitfield
Spiritual Healer

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