Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Cetacean Family of Light @10-10-10

On the 10/10/10 the Earth passes through the first of three Stargates that will bring profound shifts and changes to Humanity and the Earth. After the completion of these three Stargates in December of 2012, the Earth will enter into the Golden Age of Light and Peace, and Humanity will stand ready to be a part of this Great Shift.
The First Stargate, on the 10/10/10 is called the "Star of the Sea" or "Stella Maris", as it celebrates the return of the Shekinah Light of the Divine Feminine energy to the Oceans. At the same time, the Whales who are Cetacean Keepers of Earth's Akashic Records, will activate a matrix of energy that will support the imprint for the New Human that will emerge on the Planet in the Golden Age of Peace and Unity. The Dolphins, in their role as Master Keepers of the DNA, will assist in the activation of the New DNA Codes and Light Sequences that will "write" the new codes into the Human DNA and the Planetary Akasha.
The time of Potential and Possibility is over. The choices are being made on a deep level. The Indigo and Crystal beings, the Ascended Masters, the Angels and Archangels, and the Celestial Ones stand ready to assist in the Great Shift in whatever way they find at this time. The movement forward is irrevocable and in alignment with Divine Will.

The Star of the Sea
The beautiful and nurturing Light of the Divine Feminine aspect of God has been activated within the Earth's Grids and within the Great Earth Keeper Crysyals of the Earth in the last year. The Soft and Loving Skekinah energy is now moving through these grids bringing joy and abundance to those who are open to receive her gifts. At the 10/10/10, the Great Oceanic Crystals, the Ocean Keepers, will be activated and brought online with the Earth Grids and will transmit the Shekinah Light through the Oceans. All the Creatures of the Sea stand ready to welcome the rising energy of the Star of the Sea.

The Stella Maris energy is expressed through many Goddesses - Isis, Mother Mary, Yemaya and Venus - all of whom are Beautiful and Radiant and Nurturing. They carry the gift of Grace and Abundance. Where their presence is found, there is Beauty, Abundance and Love. As the Star of the Sea rises and the Great Crystals are activated, the final steps are taken to complete the Global Fifth Dimensional Grids that will lift the Planet fully into its new Matrix of Light.
The Sacred Light will return to the Oceans and the Waters will become clear and radiant once again. The defiling of water with toxic energy will no longer be tolerated in the Kingdoms of Nature. The Waters Elementals will return to cleanse and defend their realms. The Fifth Dimensional Oceans are Sacred, under the Guardianship of the Star of the Sea, the loving and nurturing energy of the Cosmic Mother.

The Whale Matrix
At this time, the Whales are consolidating a Matrix of Light Energy that will receive the imprints or the Akashic records of the New Species that will inhabit Planet Earth after the Great Shift. This New Species will be we transform and change and select the options that best suit our new role as Beings of Light in the New Earth. The Whales are our Ancestors, the original Earth Keepers.

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