Thursday, November 25, 2010

Heal The Earth

Today is sunshine
 Heaven and Earth
It all comes together
Just like a new birth
We are being reborn
Believe it or not
Soon you will see that you've been tied up in knots
Only to learn that nothing is real
accept what's in your heart that is soon to be healed
We are being watched
Because of our changes
The first to ever happen on this planet
Because in the past the Earth just ended
Into hot molten volcanic ash
But this time is different
We are being reborn anew
So rejoice in it, believe it, and your life will be renewed.
It is your mission to help heal and change the planet
All that is required are belief, trust, unconditional love, and we will ALL have it.
Spiritually heal your life and everyone in it by just showing love every day
Let your guard down, take time to smell the roses, live stress free and enjoy and play
Like a child as before bring her back forever more
Life is not that serious only if that you believe
So change your thoughts to be spiritually healed

Maxine Whitfield
Spiritual Healer

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