Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We Are Spirits, Nothing More Nothing Less

Life is peaceful, life is serene, life is beautiful, like you and me.
Please wake up from your deep dark sleep
Open your eyes and take a peek
So focus on love
focus on togetherness
then you will enter into your nest
Our planet will be healed, faster than you know
But it’s up to you to believe it so.
If you think of life like a computer you wouldn’t be far from the truth.  Open you eyes and your ears because soon, dear ones, you will hear
How we have been lied to and deceived, poisoned by our so-called rulers to make us believe
That we are sick, and illness abounds, but it’s fake and will be found
Prescription drugs are to make us sick
Their are cancer cures but they think they are slick
Our food is full of pesticides, nothing is good, because we are only energy and it permeates our body within it becomes infested under our skin.
Soon it will happen, soon you will know, that we have been scammed for years and years yet 2012 it will all come out
So start now to feel the information you receive which cannot be found  on the news or TV
But listen to your guidence and lets all be led, open to your intuition and create our new world instead.
There are people here who will start to intuit, new technologies, global healing, pure food, water and places to live. Money will change because it enslaves us,  soon we will be a new system of barter but not yet because we couldn’t handle it yet, our financial downfall has been a test, so be open and find your calling and why you are here  connect to your destiny so do not fear.
You have chosen this, we all agreed to come here now and heal this earth.  You have the knowledge so please trust it so because you and me will make the truth grow.  The trees, the flowers, the birds, the leaves, the whales, the dolphins are here and believe, they send us messages and help our sorrows, so be open to it all, the plants, the people, the ocean, the flowers.
Spiritually heal you life and believe and trust it because  all we are is energy and we receive our guidance, our information and anything we need.

Maxine Whitfield
Spiritual Healer
How To Step Out of Fear and Reclaim Your Life...available at amazon.com

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