Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spiritually Heal Your Reality



Have you ever had a strange experience in your life that you kept to yourself because you thought others would think you were strange?
My purpose is to connect to those people and to also share different view points with others to help awaken you. It is up to you to decide what you want to do with this information. I relay messages regardless of what others think of me. Trust me, I have alienated a lot of people because of it.
My spiritual healing strength is about helping others heal their minds, emotions, and fears. My intention is to help heal the world through spiritual healing.
I relay to you my own experiences. How can I prove this to you? Of course, I cannot but hopefully my passion and unconditional love will connect my thoughts and experiences with yours; to make a heart connection so to speak.
Time travel and different realities have been discussed for centuries. It is a subject of interest. It is not about taking drugs to escape or developing a time machine for travel. Time as we know it is an illusion. Everyone is feeling the changes around them. Everyone is noticing how fast “time” is moving.
If you follow the flow of energy in all directions you will see that all realities exist side by side. Once a few years back I was doing a reading for a woman and traveled to her and our past life. I didn’t try to or think about it. It just happened. As I mentioned before, I experienced a different reality during the Easter earthquake last year. I didn’t try or think about it. It just happened. I was able to not experience the strong earthquake that everyone else around me felt.
“When we seek to change our reality to reflect a new vision, we are not

changing our current reality so much as shifting to the reality that is

consistent with our vision. Shifting with ease from one timeline to

another is the key to living more fully in the new energies now available

on planet Earth. As we release negative responses to our current

timeline, we move past resistance, avoidance and blame. These tactics

keep us locked into realities we don’t choose and pull us from our

peaceful center. It is from a calm and loving place within ourselves

that we are able to make peace with the past and turn our attention to

the future of our choosing.”

As I have mentioned before, it is your perception. It is about changing your thoughts and be open to another perception. For instance, if you heard about a new automobile that was created do you not all of a sudden see it everywhere you go? Does that mean that it did not exist? Of course not! It is still there independent of your focus. It is the same with different realities. It is there you just haven’t brought it into your focus. In all actuality this our human nature. To believe anything outside of your focus doesn’t exist.
True empowerment is the ability to

perceive alternate reality threads. If we embrace the concept that

everything already exists in our field of potential, then it is easy to

embrace that all variations of our present reality are already in

existence, including realities consistent with our highest vision. To

shift to one of these threads, all we need to do is shift our attention

and focus to it. You may have heard the statement that whatever you

focus on expands. This is true of reality threads. By perceiving a

preferred reality thread and shifting our focus to it, we begin to

anchor this alternate thread into our daily reality.”

Quotations from, Doorways for Healing Transformation by DL Zeta
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