Thursday, January 20, 2011

Step Out of Fear and Become Spiritually Healed.

Step Out of Fear and Become Spiritually Healed.

Do you think the world would be in a different place if we were raised on truths? Fear runs rampant in our society because it is how we have been programmed.  Everyone is afraid of something.
Every day someone either tells me their fears or I over hear them when in a crowded room.  People are afraid of aging, being robbed, worrying about their health or if they will get sick and most importantly they are still listening to the news and feeding into the destruction that continues on this planet.
The only requirement is to feel love and see the people who suffered loss as happy, joyful, and full of love.
Most people don’t even realize they are being negative and fearful.  If everyone realized that life was just an illusion or a mirror reflecting back at themselves, just think of the possibilities of how this world would make massive earth changes.  I know deep within you have felt changes and you have seen others change.  The only way to create a beautiful world for yourself is to feel it and visualize it for yourself.  Your life IS your thoughts so change them.!
Whatever you put your attention to is what you create for yourself.  Why not focus on the flowers, the beautiful sunset, how lucky you are to be alive during this most auspicious time.  Everything around you is the best it’s ever been.  The problem is that you don’t see it.  Beauty, love, and abundance is right before your eyes.
To create that scenario only requires a change in thought and perception.  What you think is what you create and what you see is from your own thoughts and how you perceive it.  Can you relate to the fact that some days you look at yourself in a mirror and see beauty, while other days you don’t?  Do you think you have changed that much or was it created by how you were perceiving yourself at that particular moment?  If you can see your own reflection in a different light according to how you are feeling about yourself at that particular moment, then what would your world look like if your thoughts were focused on the positive rather than the negative?  Does that make sense?
What if you realized that you were your own fairy Godmother and you held your own magic wand?  Just think of the possibilities.  Why fall into the trap of complaining and stop the nonsense and take your life back and create all your dreams?  All you have to do is visualize what your life looks like and know that you WILL have it.  Is fear of the unknown holding you back?
Release your fears
My sweet dears
For the way is clear
All you have to do is visualize
For your dreams to materialize
It is that simple.  Practice faith and trust in yourself and God and know deep within your heart that it is okay.  Release those fears whatever they might be and stop worrying about every little thing.  It’s not up to you to worry about how your life will unfold.  Give your fears to God.  Release them to Him and know that your guidance and direction will be there for you when the time is right.  Listen and you will know…trust and see how it unfolds and then you will believe.
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