Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stars Are For Your Entertainment

Stars light up tonight

Show us a new flight

Of Independence and glee

Happiness Abounds and it's free

Open your wings, wake up it's real

Everything you want is on a wheel

Visualize, see it pick it out

Go and make it come about

Only you have the power to do it so

Get off your duff stop being lazy, do it, feel your heart glow

Sprinkle magic dust, love, and beauty

Visualize your life, create it's your duty

Get ready, start, don't hesitate

Take advantage the POWER is now, don't be late
Get motivated, stop being lazy

Otherwise your life becomes hazy

Turn off the TV and fearful movies

Real life is around you twinkling stars

It's groovy

They entertain you, make you think

Bring you messages as quick as a blink

Spend more time in reflection

Open your mind, there won't be rejection

Change your bad habits, your fearful thoughts

The beauty of life is so close just be open to receive

It brings you peace and love to conceive

Wake up, wake up the time is now

The energy is stronger right NOW

Ride the train to heaven, it's coming to Earth

Be aware, wake up it's your new BIRTH!

Maxine Whitfield
Spiritual Healer
Expert Author
"How To Step Out of Fear and Reclaim Your Life"

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Moon Is Bigger and Brighter

Have you noticed the moon is bigger than ever before?
Why would that be I wonder more
There are earth changes that are here to stay
Focus on that each and every day
It is what's real whether you know it or not
everything else is an illusion
It's the conclusion
Why is it so hard to believe?
What are you afraid of just change it and you will see
How love is the only reality
Everything else is crazy
So don't become entrapped in the haze
The drama, the destruction, the sorrow the pain
It is there only if you allow it and it will drain
Your energy and keep you in fear
So forget about it and trust have faith and cheer
For life is beauty love and free
Only if you allow it to be
Real truths are what I relay
re-read my posts each and every day

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Enter Into A New Reality

spiritual-healers- mother earth mt
spiritual-healers- mother earth mt
To be spiritually healed at this moment, step into the thought that there are different realities that you can experience at any given moment.  We are more than just our one body, but of many.  We are able to split ourselves out and travel anywhere we so desire.
You might ask, “How is this possible?”  Do you dream at night?  Do you travel from place to place?  It is the same thing.  Dreams are messages for you.  They not only have meaning but they also can tell us the future.  I, for one, have dreamed 3 years into the future and that is why I know it is truth.
All you have to do is be open to the idea that it is possible.  It is the same when anything enters into your awareness.  All of a sudden you start seeing things you never saw before.
Think of it as a new exciting experience.  Connect with loved ones that live far away. Because I am an emotional healer, I have traveled many times in my dreams on an airplane to my friends in need.  I have done this while asleep, dreaming.
Remember everything you see is what you perceive.  Does any one person who witnessed a crime scene describe the perpetrator the same?  Can anyone see a flower exactly the same?  Have you heard the expression, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder?  Why is this? Because we already have our own reality.  All you have to do is be open to the fact that there is more than you currently know.
When the time is right, be open and you will receive.  In the meantime, test it for yourself.
Be the creator you were meant to be and have a spiritual healing.
Love and Light

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