Thursday, May 26, 2011

Angels Are All Around You

I know it seems hard to deal with the trauma

The deaths, the storms, the fear, the drama

Now is the time to understand who you are,

Where you came from, and how this is the plan

Because there is no end

There never was

Just a continuation because sometimes we are here, sometimes above

If you look back in time and see the changes that have been made

It's been a struggle each and every day

But this is our new home, first time ever

To be able to exist in peace, harmony, togetherness, beauty, whatever!

Our earth is changing every day

Restructuring itself for us each day

There is no death, no pain, no illness

It's all an illusion not real so start forgiveness

When you finally wake up

Your life will change immensely

You will see how the fear, illusion, sorrows and pain

Was forced on us so the powers could gain

Control over everyone but not anymore

Gone will be illness, government, and war

If some of us leave this planet

It is okay it was planned that way

Life doesn't end

It exists in other realms

Death is an illusion

So release your fears

Trust in God, your guides, and Angels because they are here

For you to guide you through and through

They are always close to you

They are right by your side

Are ready to answer your questions you hold deep inside

So ask and they will answer

Their messages come from others, radio, billboards, you will see

Just ask, wait and trust in thee

And know you are never alone always being helped from the unknown

So release all of your fears

Instead, stand up and cheer

For peace, harmony, love and freedom

From pain, sorrow, discomfort, and grieving.

Maxine Whitfield
Spiritual Healer
Messenger to Heal the World

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