Monday, May 23, 2011

Devastation Is All Around Us

Devastation is all around us

Why you ask? Because it shakes you up to change your ways

Money is not the key

Buying, having greed

And the need

To own more stuff

It's not the direction

Love, unity, peaceful ways, trust and oneness and our connections

To each other

We are all related all of us are sisters and brothers

God is our Father, Earth is our Mother

That is how it really is because we are connected to each other

The longer you deny this the more sorrow and pain

You will feel if it's about the gain

The money, the greed, control, ego and power

If you feel like this each day and tomorrow

You will continue to suffer through life

Until you wake up and realize you create your strife!

It's not about sin

Only loving yourself and others through thick and thin

Knowing we are all connected to each other

Don't you see? Devastation brings that out in thee

So if you want the destruction to end

Change your ways and begin again

Start each day loving yourself and everybody

And make everyone your friend

If you are blessed with money

Give to the needy, stop being greedy

Because you too will lose your money

Unless you share your abundance with many

The world has been off balance but no more

It's cleansing itself of greed, power hungry people, fear, government and war

How else can heaven come to earth?

Wake up! This is earth's rebirth!

One day you will see

How these changes will set you free

To be the Love you were meant to be

Then Heaven Will arrive

It's already started, it has already begun

2012 is not the end

But gone will be illness, sorrow and pain

Change is what's coming

So much you will gain

And know the truth of who you are

We are all beautiful,we are love, we are all stars

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