Monday, May 23, 2011


Would it be too much to ask to wake up anew

To realize everything you ever learned about life isn't true?

What if you new you were your own creator

Would you create something for yourself or just think like all the rest and be a hater

What if I told you that love abounds?

Would you believe it or just say "ah... okay but not sure how that sounds"

What if I told you that your whole world can change in an instant?

Would you believe it? Some of you yes, most of you no..because for some reason you

would rather live the life you have always lived...happy some days miserable

most...get caught up on news, famine, greed, lies, and especially FEAR.

We have all been raised to live like that, and drown in our beer

So change it!!!! Read my books, or someone Else's...test the world for yourself

and see how it is here for YOU......

Sure it takes practice, it takes time to make those changes....but when you change

your thoughts you change your life

Stop living in strife

The change is not only for you but everyone else

Because we are spirits we spread our love and joy to others

it's like a disease but its the best one to have

If you want LOVE, abundance, trust, freedom, peace and see the world however

beauty means to you than make those changes. It's going to happen regardless of

what you do

but if you want to be happy now and not blue

then do it sooner than later

and enjoy the fruits of your labors.

The NEW EARTH is already here! Do you see it???? Not if you live in FEAR...

Now is the time to release your past,

your sorrows, bad breakups all of your woes get rid of these fast

Once you realize the Universe is helping you NOW

Then you will be able to deal with the new energy that is here and wow!!

So many people are feeling out of sorts...dizzy, ill,heart flutters, weird....with

all new kinds of medical issues. Dr's telling their patients they are fine but you

know you feel different, why? because this is divine.

It's just the earth's new energy arriving here

to change our bodies so we can handle it: so stop the fear!

because otherwise we would disintegrate and all be gone.

Instead we are being changed to adjust to the NEW EARTH and everything else will

change its course; to the

better world we already new about, this new force

We volunteered to be here to be part of this change

Wake up, wake up, create your bliss, because we are the steadfast, the mighty,

strongest spirits and very tough

That's why you are I are here, because folks this is all good stuff.

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