Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Vision For YOU

This morning I turned on the TV,

And much to my surprise it brought strong tears to my eyes

The broadcast was from Joplin, Mo

It showed me that my messages are to be told

About hope and not sorrow

That my writings are TRUTH everyday and tomorrow

That they are not crazy or make believe, but pure

It helps me to endure

It was how the people have come together

To help each other through the stormy weather

Sometimes I wondered about my song

But more and more I do believe

I know for sure that what I receive

Is real I pick this up to conceal

The love that most have lost

I do this no matter what the cost

I've lost friends, men and family

Because of who I am

But always been guided and take my stand

It's what I believe,

Sometime I feel the need to LEAD

Everyone on this planet

It's my mission on this journey

To teach others of love and not fear

Even if it alienates everyone, but I am SINCERE!

One day soon, I too will find

My true love, it will be divine

Which will help me rise higher than I have ever been

To promote my story I carry deep within

Someone who will support ME through and through

Trust me, believe in me, stand by me

Stick to me like glue

Accept all of me for who I am

And let me lean on him while he offers his helping hand

Where we will walk together into the promised land

Our love will spread to everyone

Across the nation, throughout the world

To bring everyone a healing and open their door

To their truths, create their love

Then the whole planet will rise above

Heaven will have arrived to earth where we reside

Children will play and sing

People are happy, in love which will bring

This world into a place like never before

Where peace, love, harmony will be in store.

No more government, hatred, prejudices and war

But pure love forever more!

Maxine Whitfield

Spiritual Healer
Messenger For the World

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