Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our Present Earth Changes

Weather changes are here to stay

At least for awhile so forget about it and go out and play

Earth is changing faster than you know

You feel it, just go with the flow

Soon it will pass as quickly as it came

But don't make yourself become insane

Everything happens for a reason

Goes according to plan

Forget about the seasons

Life will seem strange

Everything is to rearrange

Your life, your thoughts, your past

Let it all go at last

It serves no purpose anymore

All that stuff inside you is a chore

Release everything you ever learned

Find new ways to earn

Find new ways to exist

Spend your time only in bliss

The more you fight it and stay stuck in your old ways

The harder it will be

So open up to New Thought and you will see

That you chose to be here and experience this

Because you new the outcome, that your life will be pure bliss

But the longer you sleep the longer it takes

Because the NEW EARTH of love and beauty is already here

But until you release all of your fears

Your world will seem scary to you

All you have to do is find a way to release, it's true!

Follow your gut, your heart, it's your journey

Just do what only feel right for you

Not what others tell you to do

Even if it's different, it's okay

Hurry up, wake up and make your days

Special to you in every way!

Say, "God, guide me, I'm listening to you, I promise to follow my gut
which is you. I trust the outcome because I trust in you."

Maxine Whitfield
Spiritual Healer
Messenger for the New World Thoughts Change Your Life

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