Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Balance Within Equals Balance Without

I thought this was a great post from Espen about government and change... Posted by Espen on June 10, 2012 at 8:37am in Inspiration For An Evolving World Back to Inspiration For An Evolving World Discussions My friend, A short message today, but an important one. It is said that your leaders are trying to change the circumstances you are living in. Change is about to come and the elected ones are conveying to the public that the changes will be for the better. We say this; they are right, for changes for the better are coming. They are coming even thought your environment reflects something else. Why do you think the world is screaming for help when in fact everything is right on track? The world is screaming out of fear of loosing itself my friend, the world is waiting for saviours to step forward and save this planet. The need for an external saviour is what causes disturbances, because change always comes from within. No one can change this world but you! Leaders, politicians, spiritual masters or whatever you are looking at outside yourself will never be able to change how you perceive. If wars are going on inside yourself be sure that this will be reflected in the outer. Make peace with your own demons my friend, for the demons are not residing in the outer world. The outer is simply a reflection of the inner, and when you make the choice to let the drama within yourself go, things start to change in the outer. What has been hidden in your psyche will come forward and it will be transmuted through your consciousness. Even thought chaos is surrounding you, it is just coming out so that you can put your consciousness on it. Understand that the world reflects what you are currently going through and it is not a sign of what you are. It is rather a reflection of what is on the agenda of your soul in this present moment. It can change if you choose it to, but often the only thing it takes is to observe and let you energy flow into the situation. Your consciousness does not need logic to solve disharmony, it only needs to become aware of the imbalance so that it can understand it. So, instead of looking at your leaders for answers, and letting them take the credit for your future, claim this right yourself. Even what might look like channeled material from spirit, including this, can not save you, for it is through your consciousness you will discern what is right for you. Discard that which does not feel right, because when it does not feel right it is a sign that something is imbalanced. Step back and listen within when unsure, and know that a true leader is the one that does not want your power. Claim your own power for nothing on the outside will satisfy your soul. Be at peace my friend, and know that the drama you are perceiving is what is being let go of, don't give it too much energy, for by doing that you increase its ability to stay alive. Just accept it, for when you accept it without engaging with it, the fuel runs out of it and balance is restored. Stay centered when the wars are being played out inside yourself and accept that change for the better is underway. It is a process, and the more you learn to enjoy and stay dis attached the more fun you will have. Don't judge your process at this time for this is indeed a time of special circumstances. Know that you are where you need to be and do the best you can, no one is asking anything more of you. And if they did, that is not any of your concern... You are deeply loved Human Angel, and although you expected a short message today take it as a sign that expectations rarely are correct. We leave for now with a smile and a kiss. Yours Truly The Angels

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