Friday, July 17, 2009

Empowering Thoughts, Change Your Life

Peace and serenity for ourselves is what we all desire to feel. To be joyous, to feel love, to love unconditionally, accepted, financially abundant.
Today take charge of your life.....Empower your thoughts. It is very simple....
It doesn't take a lot of time.....5 minutes.....longer...whatever suits you....
Just imagine in your mind what you want, your heart's desire. Picture it, put feeling into it and feel as you already have it. See the whole universe at peace, happy, loving one another, well fed, abundant. This will not only empower you but everyone else.......what you give out you receive a thounsand times, a thousand fold.
Be as one, think as one, pray as one because in true essence, we are all ONE.
channeled by my guide.....Abdullah


  1. Love your new blog and really like your peace blog. Having a life full of peace is the goal for most of us. Reaching peace can be just as easy as the steps in this blog.

    Cynthia Sharp
    Body Bonding Coach

  2. Gooooooooooooooooooood

    Thank you

    The subject of more than wonderful


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