Saturday, October 10, 2009


All that is important in life with the new energies flooding this planet is to only live in the "here and now."

You might notice that you are becoming more intuitive....maybe even able to read others more now than ever before.

We all have these abilities. Some of us use it more naturally while others brush it away as their own ideas or have just never thought in those terms before.

The reason this is happening is because this will be the "new way" and the ONLY way to survive on this planet. It is imperative to follow your intuition. Get used to it, listen to it, trust it, follow just takes practice..

Everyone has it but your awareness is the key.

We are being forced to change. This is for your own good.....your own happiness...

Step out of fear, ego, and control and trust only your guidance. It will lead you down the right path.

If you are struggling like most of us, than this is your ONLY choice....nothing else is working for you so now what do you have to lose???? Now is the time to put your full faith and trust in God or any higher power you believe in.

Maxine Whitfield
Spiritual Coach
Divine Master

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