Friday, November 27, 2009


We gather today in peace and unity as we all United in giving Thanks.

Thanksgiving is a time of upliftment, time for peace and unity of the United States to spread their joy to others across the world.

Now if we can all do this every day as it raises our consciousness level to a higher frequency which is much needed on this planet to aid the new power shift from the power of money to the POWER OF LOVE.

Bringing and being unconditional love will help those ride the wave of change. Change in our thoughts, change in our direction, change in the Universe. WE ARE ALL ONE interconnected to each other. We are all family. We must unite together with this idea and we will soon all be at peace in the world.

It is happening faster than you know. Let it be your motto. LOVE, PEACE, HAPPINESS, AND ONENESS for it will be...

Smile at everyone you pass on the street and you will see how your are uplifted...the beginning of ONENESS.

May Peace be with you

channel by White Eagle and the Great Star Nation

Maxine Whitfield (Solana Star)
Spiritual Coach
Empowering Thoughts, Change Your Life

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